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To ask neighbour below to turn her TV/karaoke machine down?

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TensionWheelsCoolHeels Wed 12-Mar-14 12:25:14

I can't bear it but it's only mid day. It's her 3yr old who is getting the use of the TV/karaoke and either he or his mum ramps the volume up to levels a DJ in a nightclub might wince at. I'm only hearing it because I'm on holiday so otherwise I'd not know anything about my neighbours ability to ignore her 3 yr olds screaming, amplified by stereo.

I had cause to ask her about a year ago to turn the TV down at about 8 PM as I couldn't actually hear my own tv - she apparently turned it up so she could hear it from the kitchen while making dinner.

So on the basis I'm not usually here to hear this awful racket mid week as I'm usually working, would IBU to still ask them to turn it down before my ears start to bleed? I went through the screaming/screeching stage with my DD years ago and it was bad enough then but having it amplified by some karaoke machine just feels like torture.

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