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To complain to, and leave my current dentist

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Two weeks ago I got a text reminding me about an appointment I'd booked for the next day...except I hadn't booked an appointment. I have some ongoing issues with my teeth (bruxism) so thought perhaps this was a check up my dentist (who I have been very happy with so far) had booked in for me so went along anyway. When I arrived and explained I hadn't actually booked the appointment, and asked if my dentist had requested me for check up the receptionist looked through the system then sheepishly explained that the family currently in the treatment room had the same surname and they had booked me in accidentally - would I like a check up anyway? Fair enough, I like to get them checked regularly as I am quite paranoid about them, not a massive deal but I had had to arrange to work from home and have an hour off for the appointment.

I was seen by a new dentist I haven't seen before who performed the check up and x-rays, declared everything was fine and sent me on my way. I noticed later in the day that one of my teeth felt very sharp where she had been prodding around (next to a filling) but thought maybe that was due to cleaning etc. However a couple of days later part of my tooth fell off! I phoned up and was booked in to see my dentist today to have it fixed, as I am going away for 2.5 weeks on Saturday and don't want issues whilst I am abroad.

When I arrived this morning the dentist was running half an hour late, annoying but understandable. However, when I got into the room he told me he couldn't do anything for me as I needed to see the other dentist who had performed my check up. They would re-book me in for tomorrow as that dentist does not work on Wednesdays. I then questioned why I had been booked in to see him if this is the rule - surely I should have been told at the time of booking the appointment that this is the case - I hadn't even requested him, just phoned up to book an appointment and told when to come. I have now taken the morning off work for no reason and have to take more time off tomorrow to get it fixed. He did apologize and acknowledge the inconvenience and said it has not just happened to me but several patients, all by the same receptionist.

I am livid. I was booked in erroneously for the check up in the first place, it seems the dentist damaged my tooth and I was subsequently booked in erroneously again and they expect me to take yet more time off work to go back tomorrow, all the while waiting 20-30 minutes past my appointment time every visit.

I have phoned another local dentist and luckily they have a cancellation slot this afternoon so I will go and if they can do the filling there and then phone my current dentist and ask them to remove me from their records as I won't be going back.

AIBU?...Possibly - I am very anxious about my teeth so would like some perspective if possible.

Nomama Wed 12-Mar-14 12:14:28

If it has made you lose faith in them leave!

You won't even have to tell them, your new dentist may ask for your records.

As far as teeth are concerned I'd go wherever I felt more comfortable and looked after.

Good luck.

UnicornCrisps Wed 12-Mar-14 12:15:18

I would definitely complain about the receptionist if as the dentist says she makes regular mistakes. But why didn't you phone to check about the appointment before taking the day off work?

Unicorn - because I quite regularly have to go for check ups, and it is not unheard of to book an appointment a few months in advance and forget about it...I assumed it was this but when I asked they told me it was their error. Having taken time off I thought I might as well have a check up there and then to save having to go back any sooner than necessary hmm

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