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WIBU to phone the police?

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welshnat Tue 11-Mar-14 02:37:53

Apologies if this is a duplicate but I jut wrote a AIBU and it doesn't seem to have posted.

It's just myself and my 2yo in the house at the moment. I was fast asleep about 2 this morning when I heard 3 massive bangs on my back door - plastic part not glass part. It honestly sounded like someone was using a hammer.

I stayed in bed for 10 minutes absolutely petrified and finally get the courage to go as look out the windows so see if anyone wa there. Couldn't see anybody outside the front or back of my house.

Now my garden is very easy to get into, no side gate, just walk down the side of my house and you're there. It's far off the main road, so nobody just wandering past doing it for fun.

So should I phone the police or would they think I'm wasting their time? I just don't want to wake up in the morning and find out that someone else's house has actually been broken into.

aufaniae Tue 11-Mar-14 02:38:53

Call the police.

aufaniae Tue 11-Mar-14 02:39:53

It's what they're there for. If you think it was a person doing that, then yes, call them, I would.

aufaniae Tue 11-Mar-14 02:40:57

Hope you're ok, and not too freaked out.

welshnat Tue 11-Mar-14 02:47:41

I've just rung 101 and told them. I'm sure they thought I was a paranoid woman but they're sending a car to drive past and check for anything suspicious. I have elderly next door so don't want to chance it. Thanks for the kick up the bum I needed!

Now to lay here wide awake for the rest of the night confused lucky I've already had 4 hours sleep which is a lay in compared I some nights.

Menolly Tue 11-Mar-14 02:54:57

hope you're ok OP, try and get some sleep. I very much doubt anything else will happen as if it was someone trying your door they will have seen it's secure and gone and found an easier house to break into.

welshnat Tue 11-Mar-14 03:12:10

Just heard more noises confused the one night DS decides to not wake up I can't get a good nights sleep!

callmewhatever Tue 11-Mar-14 03:17:25

I hope everythings ok. If you are sure nobody is in the house I would switch all the lights on, hopefully scaring anyone off and letting them know someone is aware of what they are doing.

milkingmachine1 Tue 11-Mar-14 03:17:54

Are you ok? Call 101 again to find out if the police have checked the area. That's scary, thinking of you x

MusicalEndorphins Tue 11-Mar-14 03:19:30

OP, the same thing happened to me when ds was a baby. I did call the police, they didn't mind coming out at all. It was a very drunk guy banging on my window, that was next to a door, that he meant to bang on. My neighbors ex bf it turned out.

welshnat Tue 11-Mar-14 03:23:05

I've turned all of my downstairs lights on and jumped into bed with DS. Still wide awake and shaken up though.

If it happens again I will ring my uncle who lives one street away and ask him to come and have a look around outside. I want to look to see if there are any marks on the door but too scared to open it confused

GiraffesAndButterflies Tue 11-Mar-14 03:27:47

Poor you OP. If it is someone trying to get in you have probably deterred them by turning on the lights. Is it windy where you are tonight, could the wind be blowing something against your door? Is there anything else that could have made the noise eg rubbish bins being knocked down?

<hugs> and a brew

bubblegoose Tue 11-Mar-14 03:28:16

Please call your uncle, I'm sure he won't mind popping round. You poor thing, that must be so scary.

KeatsiePie Tue 11-Mar-14 03:28:23

Did police come by? I would call again and say there have been more noises.

KeatsiePie Tue 11-Mar-14 03:29:11

And yes, I would call your uncle. Especially if the police are just going to drive by, rather than get out and walk around the house.

welshnat Tue 11-Mar-14 03:33:39

Not sure if the police drive by, couldn't have gotten out to look around my house because they didn't even ask for my house number.

Feeling a bit more calm now. Made myself a hot chocolate, and if I hear nothing else in the next half hour will try and get a bit more sleep.

Thank you all for distracting me, I think I would be sobbing in a corner if I didn't have you lot to talk to smile

KeatsiePie Tue 11-Mar-14 03:41:12

What! Okay, if this ever happens again, I think you have to tell them that they have to get out and look around the house.

But seems good that nothing's happened since. I'm glad you feel better. Hot chocolate sounds like a very very good idea smile

MrsGeorgeMichael Tue 11-Mar-14 03:43:18

don't be shy about ringing the police back if you are still not happy.

i've only had to do it once before, but they were great

did you let them know you were single female. the police actually told me to make sure i said that if i ever had to ring again (i was at the time and pre dc, it was v scary, i think i would be more edgy now that i have dc iykwim)

hope you are ok now

bubblegoose Tue 11-Mar-14 03:51:39

they didn't ask your house number?!

Please call back if there are any new noises, and take MrsG's advice.

welshnat Tue 11-Mar-14 04:04:20

No more noises but DS starting to stir so think I will only have an hour tops before he decides it's "up" time. So not sure it's worth trying to get back to sleep.

I will give my neighbours a knock in the morning to check they're alright, and also look at getting a motion activated light. And invest in a baseball/cricket bat!

KeatsiePie Tue 11-Mar-14 04:07:47

That sounds good. We're getting a couple of motion lights ourselves and I am looking forward to having them. Glad you're fine.

welshnat Tue 11-Mar-14 04:12:53

It just happened again! Rung 101 and they took my details. Will be sending someone around within the hour. I'm shaking now and close to tears. It actually woke DS up so trying not to show him I'm upset.

welshnat Tue 11-Mar-14 04:32:38

The police just turned up, looked all around and in neighbours gardens but saw nothing. Weren't wry happy that not details were taken from me in the first call.

They said they will stay in the area and to call 999 if it happens again. DS is awake now though so we are cuddling in bed.

Greenkit Tue 11-Mar-14 04:38:03

Are there marks on the back door?

Turquoisetamborine Tue 11-Mar-14 04:40:15

Aw hope you're ok, are you back in bed with your mobile to hand? How scary

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