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AIBU in thinking the council can not insist on making you use energy saving lightbulbs in a council house?

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AnnieMaybe Mon 10-Mar-14 21:39:36

My niece (20), her partner and their young ds live in a council flat and had an external surveyor company come to carry out some sort of property assessment today on behalf of the council

This is not unique to their flat apparently all properties are being surveyed to ensure they met with standards re kitchens/bathrooms and energy efficiency.

The man carrying ou the assessment told her she was breaking the law by not using energy efficient lightbulbs in a council property which has worried and upset her as she is now has it in her head she is breaking the law!

This is nonsense surely isn't it?

Wickeddevil Mon 10-Mar-14 21:42:21

Honestly don't know Annie, but it sounds like nonsense to me....

pinkdelight Mon 10-Mar-14 21:43:10

Dunno about the law, there's probably some onus on the council to do such a thing, understandably. But what's the problem - why doesn't she use them anyway? Why wouldn't anyone, once it's been pointed out to them?

ilovepowerhoop Mon 10-Mar-14 21:43:29

sounds like a load of bollocks

Beavie Mon 10-Mar-14 21:44:42

I don't think they will lock her up and throw away the key, she can probably calm down.

FightingOverImaginaryIcecream Mon 10-Mar-14 21:46:35

I think the council can have guidelines, covenants and that kind of thing, can't see it being illegal though!

AnnieMaybe Mon 10-Mar-14 21:48:16

thanks Wicked I've been googling but can't find anything to support this man/companies claim

I bought 'real' lightbulbs the last I shopped as I was fed up of the dullness and we had an incident were one got broken and I was concerned about how toxic they are if smashed!

Obviously if it is a real thing she will use energy saving but it seems madness that the council can dictate lightbulb preference

UniS Mon 10-Mar-14 21:51:07

There is A way for a landlord to "force" low energy lamps use- they can fit the property with light fittings that only use low energy lamps. Its not a cheap way to do it for the landlord and is most likley to be done in a new build property.

usualsuspect33 Mon 10-Mar-14 21:51:10

I don't think it's illegal to use ordinary lightbulbs.

WestieMamma Mon 10-Mar-14 21:51:14

How strange. Does she perhaps still have the traditional type bulbs which can't be sold anymore, but can't be used, and he's a bit confused?

AnnieMaybe Mon 10-Mar-14 21:51:44

Beavie I know I said that to her . She's suffering slightly with pnd so I think it maybe felt bigger iyswim

usualsuspect33 Mon 10-Mar-14 21:52:32

How would they know anyway unless they have a team of light bulb inspectors.

EatShitDerek Mon 10-Mar-14 21:52:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GreatSoprendo Mon 10-Mar-14 21:54:25

She's not breaking any law, and the council cannot force her to comply with any rules other than those stipulated in her tenancy agreement. I've never seen a council tenancy agreement that stipulates the type of lightbulb that tenants must use (and I've seen a lot) - sounds to me like a surveyor talking a load of crap. I've seen a lot of those in my time too......

GoldenGytha Mon 10-Mar-14 21:56:06

I'm in a council property (Scotland) and I have a mixture of energy saving and normal lightbulbs.

The council send gas engineers to check my boiler and radiators once a year, but that's it, never had anyone tell me what lightbulbs I must use.

FunkyBoldRibena Mon 10-Mar-14 21:56:50

If anyone ever says that you are breaking the law, for goodness sakes ask them 'which law exactly?'

MsCuddy Mon 10-Mar-14 21:57:30

I use ordinary 100 watt bulbs in a HA property and no ones ever said anything when they do the annual check.

You can still buy them and its so much nicer than the dull and dirty glow of orange!

AnnieMaybe Mon 10-Mar-14 21:58:15

So the guy was talking bollocks then. What a pillock

NoodleOodle Mon 10-Mar-14 21:59:01

Check tenancy agreement. If it's not in there then ignore. Sounds like twaddle to me.

mrsjay Mon 10-Mar-14 22:00:37

Dunno about the law but we did have something in the post about energy saving lightbulbs when i was in a council house they did send us a few free ones , tell your niece not to worry I am not sure it is true although councils have a thing that they need to make certain stats about energy saving but i cant see how that would work in houses as the tenants pay their own bills

BackOnlyBriefly Mon 10-Mar-14 22:02:51

I think he was confused because the council is probably committed to using them in council offices. Not the same thing at all.

I mostly use the old sort of bulbs. I have tried, but the color is awful and terrible to read by. Also most of my light fittings are not really suitable as the new ones tend to be bigger.

There may be some hope for LED bulbs if they can make them small enough and the price goes down a bit.

mymiraclebubba Mon 10-Mar-14 22:04:05

she needs to check her tenancy agreement with them, there isn't a 'law' but there may be a clause in her contract with them.

as for the dullness, you can get bright ones that light instantly or if you have extra pennies then LED ones are the mutt's nuts and iradicate the toxic issues if they break

TalkinPeace Mon 10-Mar-14 22:07:58

does she pay for her electricity separately, or is it included in the rent

if the latter then she may well have significant restrictions on power consumption written into the agreement

AnnieMaybe Mon 10-Mar-14 22:14:06

they pay for their own electricity/gas TalkinPeace just normal meters

mrsjay Mon 10-Mar-14 22:15:30

get her to look at her agreement that must have really shook her up some official telling her she was breaking the law poor girl

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