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To have expected a lie in..

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jenniferalisonphillipasue Sun 09-Mar-14 07:42:46

First night out last night since the birth of dd (16 months). Left her with my dsil and other dc stayed at GP's. She went to bed late and was awake for an hour until we got back and then an hour until we got home at 01 00. Stupidly I thought that we might get to sleep in. No she was up a 06 56 like every other day. She will be knackered by 8 30.

clam Sun 09-Mar-14 08:22:17

Whose 'first night out' was it? Yours, or both of yours? Has your dp been out in those 16 months? In which case, why doesn't he get up with her, giving you the lie in?

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