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To ask for a massive kick up the arse?

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lecce Sat 08-Mar-14 11:56:19

I just don't know how to ge through this afternoon. Ds2 (4) has a fractured leg and is still pretty much immobile, despite the fact that the doctor says he can walk on it - he says it's too painful. This means that dh (sahd) has had him at home all week and has therefore done no housework (apart from cooking etc) and the house is a tip! Dh has offered to clean up this afternoon while I take the dc out, but I can't think of anywhere that won't be a massive ball-ache with ds2. We have an old pushchair but it's hard with him being pretty heavy etc.

I don't know, I feel so bleaughh about it all, and can feel myself getting snappier and snappier blush. I have a hard week ahead of me at school, with a mock OFSTED thingy on Thursday, meaning I will be marking tonight, unheard of for me on a Saturday. I have been sleeping really badly, partly because ds2's sleep has been a bit disturbed, and I feel so sorry for myself and tired.

Others have it so much worse, I know but I can't shake this feeling of doom. I feel both dc have been under-stimulated lately but I am all out of ideas and the energy to implement any I might have. Please kick away!

Supercosy Sat 08-Mar-14 12:17:12

Sounds like a horrible time for you all. We had a mock OFSTED yesterday at strange! It was alright actually and quite informative but there was a lot of faffing in the days beforehand.

Anyway, two ideas, just put the telly on and chill out for the day. Your DH can tidy up around you if he's willing. Or, do you have a children's library? Could you go there for a couple of hours and just sit and read with the kids. I say this because we have a big library in our town with a cafe so usually combine library and cafe visit.

Supercosy Sat 08-Mar-14 12:19:00

Please don't over stress about the Dc's being under stimulated. I know just what you mean, DP and I have both had horrible health problems in the past couple of years and there have been sometimes when neither of us were up to doing much with Dd. As soon as we feel well enough we do though and I think that is just life. You can't always be all singing all dancing. I know my parents weren't and I had a lovely childhood.

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