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To get slightly irritated when people refer to their children being in Year 4 etc?

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Nirvana69 Fri 07-Mar-14 17:17:13

Just ever so slightly irritated but every thread I've read today related to school aged children I'm told they are in Year 6 or Year 10 or whatever.

This means nothing to me (Scottish) I have no idea what age a Year 6 pupil is.

Aibu to ask that people even stick the age in brackets?
Just a bug bear of mine.

OutragedFromLeeds Fri 07-Mar-14 17:21:15

Sometimes it's the school year and not the age that's relevant though.

If you don't know what that school year means because you don't know about that school system then just don't reply to the thread.

If the school year is not relevant (e.g. what should I buy my year 6 child for their birthday?) then YANBU.

Anonymai Fri 07-Mar-14 17:21:53

It confuses me as well. Especially when a school year will have children of two ages in.

BackforGood Fri 07-Mar-14 17:24:37

Well that's why it makes more sense to put the school year, and not the age Anonymai

EmmaSue Fri 07-Mar-14 17:27:08

YANBU as long as you are also slightly irritated by Scottish posters referring to their P1 etc children.

Anonymai Fri 07-Mar-14 17:27:35

How does it make more sense to put the school year and not the age? Unless you mean school specific threads which I agree with you.

I thought we were talking threads in general though where people describe their child as being in year 6 rather than saying they are ten so that's what my last post was about.

Whoops blush

littleballerina Fri 07-Mar-14 17:27:41

I get confused and I'm in the uk. DS school is three classes, so mixed years. I think he's yr 2 (should know) but know he's class 2.

SomethingkindaOod Fri 07-Mar-14 17:27:50

I still have to translate it into 'old years' like first year infants etc blush
What system do you use in Scotland OP?

wobblyweebles Fri 07-Mar-14 17:30:14

It confuses me too. I have to add 4 onto the year to work out what age the kids are. When I was at school the system was different, and now I'm in the US where the system is also different.

MojitoMadness Fri 07-Mar-14 17:30:37

YANBU. But the same applies to posters from Scotland who rite P1, Tec I have no idea how old their children are.

MojitoMadness Fri 07-Mar-14 17:31:46

Write and etc...

magimedi Fri 07-Mar-14 17:32:06

It bugs me too - almost as much as the use of acronyms that I have never heard of. Please explain them first time & then use them all you want.

yellowsnownoteatwillyou Fri 07-Mar-14 17:33:55

I get annoyed when some people say "August born so young for the year" in Scotland If you are August born you will be 5 when you start school, I've never seen anybody write "February born" for a similar question.

StarGazeyPond Fri 07-Mar-14 17:34:41

I'm fed-up forever having to add up on threads: my ds is 52 months, or 19.5 weeks or whatever. With the 'year 6' bit I just presume that, yet again, I have to add up and add a 5 confused

WorraLiberty Fri 07-Mar-14 17:35:31

YANBU as long as you are also slightly irritated by Scottish posters referring to their P1 etc children.

This ^^ grin

You can always just ask someone on the thread or it takes a second to Google.

OutragedFromLeeds Fri 07-Mar-14 17:36:09

But whether they're August/September born is relevant to some threads. I've never seen anyone say that randomly where it isn't relevant.

NewBeginings Fri 07-Mar-14 17:38:04


meditrina Fri 07-Mar-14 17:39:22

It's useful to distinguish between yr2 and yr3, and important between yr6 and year 7.

Unless you're in a middle school area.

Lots of variables.

I think it's fine for posters to describe their circumstances in the terms they want to use. But need to be ready to provide more info and clarification if anyone requests it.

(At least they're not talking about shell, lower fourth and the remove)

ZanyMobster Fri 07-Mar-14 17:42:33

August born in the UK is young in the year as they are barely 4 when they start school, my son's best friend was 4 yrs and 4 days when he started school.

Isn't P1 same as Y1, so presumably it isn't that hard to figure out.

ZanyMobster Fri 07-Mar-14 17:45:21

I have only seen people use the school years on school threads when it is relevant. If you are asking a question re a level for a 7 yo it is very relevant what school year they are.

baggyb Fri 07-Mar-14 17:45:29

Not the whole UK Zany. Scotland has an entirely different system.

MrsCakesPremonition Fri 07-Mar-14 17:47:56

Scottish posters often talk about P1 etc. which I don't understand, but I don't try to dictate to them how they refer to their child.

FiscalCliffRocksThisTown Fri 07-Mar-14 17:48:21

when you separate you can have a Scottish MN? wink


WanderingAway Fri 07-Mar-14 17:49:24

In scotland if you have an august child that child will be just 5 or just turning 5 when they start school.

I just think year whatever is the same as primary whatever but i could be wrong.

mrssmooth Fri 07-Mar-14 17:52:29

Primary 1 is Year R/Reception children, ie children aged 4-5. This is what throws out the whole "year numbering" thing .. so Primary 2 = Year 1, age 5-6, Primary 3 = Year 2, age 6-7 etc etc etc. Is it really that difficult to work out? confused

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