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Advice about ds friend

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buaitisi Fri 07-Mar-14 14:00:03

Hi, my ds has just started kindergarten with a few weeks (Aus)

Before this he went to preschool a few days a week, he and another boy at preschool who only went 1 day became friends. This boy loves ds but is quite possessive of him.
If ds wasn't at preschool this boy would get upset and his mother would just bring him home as 'it wasn't worth the tantrum'

They are now at school together and in the same class. I asked the teacher to keep an eye on it as the boy can get rough.

Ds has lots of friends in school who weren't in preschool but he's telling me this boy won't let him play with them, is telling them ds hates you, I saw him first and pulling him away.

I tell ds he can play with whoever he wants and to tell a teacher if anyone is being rough. Ds says 'I have to play with this boy because he has no friends without me, he gets mean and then so sad'

I've broached it with the mother but she is almost of the same opinion, she thinks her boy can't make new friends and is only rough because he loves ds so much. She had a bruise one day because her ds hit her in a tantrum - he wouldn't go into class & hit her as he didn't see my ds there.

I feel for him, my ds is his security but it's not fair on ds to take on this stress. He comes home sad because he's not 'allowed' play with his other friends. This boy was v sick as a baby so his parents are protective of him.

I've made a meeting with the teacher for next week, I do feel sorry for him but I need to protect my son.

The mother told me today she is going to send her so to after school care because ds goes, she doesn't work and doesn't need after school care, she said it's such a relief to have my ds as it takes the pressure off her!!

buaitisi Sun 09-Mar-14 13:08:29

Thank you all for your take on the situation.

I can't comment on whether or not he has an as I don't have enough experience with it, the mother says she had a rough time with him as a baby when he was so sick. She can get quite angry at him but he doesn't listen.

Ds had another friend here last night for a sleepover and had fun with no stress.

I'll be speaking to the teacher tomorrow and I'll come back to get your perspective, thanks xx

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