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DS friend acted appallingly at our house

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KarrieC Fri 07-Mar-14 04:56:50

AIBU to be upset/angry at my sons friends behaviour at our house yesterday?
They are both 7 and have been friends on and off since reception. His friend is quite a dominant character, really good at sport and he knows it, generally quite a pushy kid. Today at our house he was verging on being a bully. I couldn't believe how horrible he was,
He threw water over my sons trousers then said DS had wet himself
Pulled DS cheeks violently (which I made him apologise for)
Mocked DS for being babyish
Dried his hands on DS instead of a towel
Tried to lock DS in a room
General comments about being better than DS
He also had the gall to say it had been boring when he was picked up.

I have 3 brothers so don't think i am unused to rough play, it is something I wish my son had more of, but this kids behaviour was so disrespectful and unfriendly. I want my son to learn to assert himself, which I don't think he quite knew how to do in this situation.

How far can you go in telling someone else's kid off though, I had to tell him to stop throwing a tennis ball in the kitchen, running with an ipad and being fair in sharing, as well as the cheek thing and a few other things, I didn't feel I could tell him off on everything but now I wish I had.

Let's hope DS goes off him again as he won't be invited here again.

TheGreatHunt Fri 07-Mar-14 12:31:40

I wonder where he's getting the cheek oukking thing from? If he does it at school too then I wonder if he gets it at home.

I would be matter of fact about it - say what he did and ask how she deals with it at home so you know how to deal with him.

I8toys Fri 07-Mar-14 12:41:16

YANBU - he would not be invited back. Hopefully your DS with time will distance himself from this friendship and learn for himself that he can find a better friend elsewhere. My DS 10 did this with his controlling ex best friend and is happier for it.

I would certainly tell him off - I would not stand it from children so definitely would not from someone else's child. You are loco parentis!!

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