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im pretty sure i am

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judyandthedreamofdonkeys Thu 06-Mar-14 20:49:33


we are moving my ds into a bigger bedroom so we turn his current bedroom into a nursery. i have an hour before the baby wakes for a feed so trying to get some decals up on the walls asap to decorate it.

i mean really peel the paper off one side put decal on wall go over with card pull paper off to reveal decal...except dh then starts googling online best way to put decals on angry this takes 10minutes and shock horror there is only one way to do it...the way i said.

then we cant put them on because we need to sit down and devise a plan of where they will all go....well lets be daring bastards and put them where ever we want..

plan devised of where the stickers will go but Now We have to mark the wall so it all looks orderly...

i have now had a strop and come downstairs for a biscuit i know iabu but Am i allowed to be considering he has made something i was excited aboit doing feel like a homework project

pictish Thu 06-Mar-14 20:53:00

Yanbu - sounds like my dh. However, bear in mind nothing bad will happen if the decals don't get done till later.
I do sympathise though. I know of what you speak.

permaquandry Thu 06-Mar-14 20:56:31

You have a baby, time is precious and it's your project, so I get why you're upset. Have a bickie, relax and start again in the morning when mr youdontwanttodoitlikeTHAT DH has gone to work? grin

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