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To be so bored I could scream ...

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4seasons Thu 06-Mar-14 18:03:44

I'll try to keep it short. Have wanted a new and bigger kitchen for several years and now we can actually afford to extend the house and have one ... yippee!! Having said what type of kitchen and cooker etc. I would like ( DH having said he doesn't care what we have ) he has now got totally obsessed by the planning of it to the extent that he spends hours every day drawing plans , arranging for us to go to kitchen shops etc. My original plans have gone out of the window as he has different ideas ... fair enough ... it's his house too . BUT , he is now driving me up the wall , changing his mind every five minutes etc. and I find I have totally lost interest . I was originally excited about the idea of a lovely new kitchen and now I dread him coming into the room and starting yet another conversation about height of cupboards or the best type of built-in ovens . I am bored to tears .... and you know what ? I'm not sure I care any more what the blooming kitchen looks like ! The problem is he usually does this ... claims he is not that interested in the type of furniture we have etc. then somehow always ends up with exactly what he wants . I'm being mean aren't I ??

BumpyGrindy Thu 06-Mar-14 23:47:46

Why are you being such a pushover?

Pippintea Fri 07-Mar-14 07:02:19

He's taken over hasn't he? Sounds like a PITA. YANBU. Tell him that unless your opinion is considered you don't want to hear any more about his plans.

NoodleOodle Fri 07-Mar-14 07:54:11

Get out your original ideas, assert yourself, an reinsert yourself in to the process. As long as you're both willing to compromise, some interest and input from him should bring about a kitchen you'll both enjoy. If you let him take over, yes he'll get his choice, and yes, you'll be disinterested and disheartened. Look at your original ideas to remember what interested you about a new kitchen in the first place, decide what features were the most important to you and stand your ground on those, but then perhaps let him go to town on his research into the best type of extractor fan hood, especially if you don't care about that bit.

dimsum123 Fri 07-Mar-14 07:59:11

When we did our extension/kitchen etc I made it clear to DH he would not have much input. Sounds mean but all he does is make a cup of tea in the kitchen. It worked beautifully. I chose everything alone with no arguments.

Just tell your DH to leave it all to you. Tell him to relax and watch football or something.

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