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WIBU to phone DFS and ask for my sofa NOW??!! (lighthearted)

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babybearsmummy Thu 06-Mar-14 16:47:51

Considering that my toddler has just puked up her guts all over it... apparently the lovingly peeled and de-cored pear she's just nibbled isn't to her taste today angry

DFS are delivering my finished sofa to a local store this week, so WI really BU to phone them asking them to cut out the middle man and extortionate fuel costs/ environmental damage and bring it straight here?! Maybe I could feign some tears and ask them to be compassionate considering the STINK I'm sitting next to now! Argh toddlers!!!!

DawnOfTheDee Fri 07-Mar-14 14:36:17

YANBU. In the meantime though fabreze the shit out of it and flip the cushions....grin

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