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5 weeks pregnant & turning psycho!

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mumtobefirsttime Wed 05-Mar-14 14:33:53

Hi guys,

I'm 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant (found out at 4 weeks 1 day) and I've just turned into a paranoid nightmare. For the first few days I had cramping, but thats eased off now and I've been told it was normal with everything stretching.

I did one test which had a faint positive line, then a clear blue digital which said pregnant and told me how many weeks I was, then a few days later another normal test which just had a stronger positive line on it. I keep thining perhaps I should do another digital one just to be sure my HCG levels are going up as normal and check the dates have moved on so it tells me I'm more pregnant? blush

My boobs are killing me, really tender, I have slight backache in a morning and slight indigestion which eases if I graze during the day although no sickness yet, and I don't need to wee more than normal which I've also read is a normal sign confused

I just don't see how I'm going to get by another 7 or so weeks until the scan, I'm so convinced I'm going to miscarry (no idea why)

I'm 24 and otherwise healthy, good weight etc but this is a very much wanted baby and I on't want to be a super psycho Mum smile grin

Thanks guys thanks thanks

BumpNGrind Wed 05-Mar-14 14:44:27

I'm nearly 9 weeks pregnant and its felt very very strange, particularly in the really early weeks. I was convinced I was about to start AF because of the stretching and pulling sensations. I've been told its perfectly normal. We've had an early scan at 7 weeks which really eased my worries, maybe that would be useful?

KiwiBanana Wed 05-Mar-14 14:48:49

The first weeks are the weirdest ones IMO cos there's no 'proof' that you're pregnant. With both of my pregnancies it's not been until I've had the first scan that I felt I could really believe it.

Try to almost forget you're pregnant for now cos thinking about it most of the day, every day will really make it drag. Won't be long till you're sick as a dog with arms and legs poking you everywhere grin

Feminine Wed 05-Mar-14 14:51:02

If you can afford lots of tests, I don't there is anything wrong with testing as much as you like!


mumofboyo Wed 05-Mar-14 14:54:19

Yanbu I felt like that with both my pregnancies. I think it was mainly because I had next to no symptoms apart from a vague 'full' feeling - at times I almost forgot I was pregnant! With my first I think I took 5 tests over as many weeks just to check I wasn't imagining it grin .
As pp said, if you're worried, speak to the midwife or epu to perhaps arrange an early scan to put your mind at ease?
Congratulations, by the way flowers

ikeaismylocal Wed 05-Mar-14 14:58:24


I felt exactly the same with my first pregnancy, I took probably 30 tests, I took the clear blue tests which showed how many weeks pregnant I was and then I got a hammer (!!) And boke open the tests so I could see how dark the line was inside.

I had a scan at 6 and a half weeks and I saw a little beating heartbeat, it was amazing and so worth it. The risk of miscarriage goes down lots after you have seen a heartbeat.

I was worried that I didn't feel sick, the first time I was actually sick I was 11 weeks pregnant, I then felt sick for the rest of my pregnancy, I remeber prodding my breasts and feeling so pleased if it hurt. Women's bodies are so unique, it is impossible to compare symptoms with other women or lists of how your supposed to feel, enjoy the lack of symptoms!

I am pregnant again (about 6 weeks) and I am so unworried this time, I feel like I probably should be worrying a bit more.

The first few weeks of pregnancy are a strange time, I hope the time goes fast for you and you have a healthy pregnancy, just remeber apart from avoiding the things you shouldn't consume in pregnancy and taking your pregnancy vitamins there isn't much you can do either way.

everythinghippie29 Wed 05-Mar-14 15:07:04

I was a crazy knicker checker for the first 12 weeks. I was terrified something was going to go wrong despite there being no particular indication!

I have anxiety issues anyway but was extra scared all the way through my pregnancy but the questioning, crazed paranoia, constant symptom analysing did seem to ease up after 12 weeks.

Waiting for the first scan is horrible, as you just want to know its all 'real'.

Try to relax and if you find yourself getting very worried, try to think of something positive or something completely away from babies (I sang little songs/rhymes) until the anxiety starts to pass as its not good for you or the baby.

I've been told there will never be a time when you stop worrying once you are a mummy but that horrible paranoia does get better, I promise!

everythinghippie29 Wed 05-Mar-14 15:07:28

Ooh and congratulations.thanks

Supercosy Wed 05-Mar-14 15:24:19

It's so weird when you are first pregnant! It is so intense but at the same time it is unervingly "nothingy"! You FEEL completely different (well I did!) but you look just the same to everyone else. There are all kinds of strange symptoms and you sometimes worry incenssantly. I really think that will settle down once your pregnancy starts to show and you've had your scan. It IS a strange time but it's also wonderful!

Congratulations and best of luck to you!

crazykat Wed 05-Mar-14 15:50:18

I was a bit like that with dd1. Until about 14 weeks I couldn't tell I was pregnant. No sickness or sore boobs and no need to pee more. Just no periods or migraines.

It didn't really sink in until the first scan as I felt normal. With dd2 I felt constantly tired, sick and dizzy from about 5-12 weeks.

Every pregnancy is different with symptoms coming and going so try not to worry. There's no point getting clearblue digital test to check HGC levels are increasing as once you get past 3 weeks it will only say 3+ no matter if you're 5 weeks or 10 weeks along.

Finola1step Wed 05-Mar-14 17:35:32

Congratulations. It is perfectly normal to worry, be anxious, and feel strange and paranoid in the first few weeks. This will settle down.

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