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to hate new towels?

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mousmous Tue 04-Mar-14 22:30:22

well, hate is a bit strong.
but just came out of my bath and am now covered in turquoise fluff looking a bit like a mouldy fish finger and it feels just wrong
it's all in my hair as well.
at least they were fluffy...

WillieWaggledagger Tue 04-Mar-14 22:37:09

New towels are too fluffy. I like mine stiff and cardboard-like, much better for drying

FoxesRevenge Tue 04-Mar-14 22:38:39

I love hard, rough towels. Can't be doing with fluffy ones. Nothing better than a line dried towel in summer. Scorched dry that you could snap it it half!

mousmous Tue 04-Mar-14 22:39:22

oh yes, and they didn't dry me properly.
even though I have washed them before using.
I don't really want to know what they treat them with, do I?

cowbiscuits Tue 04-Mar-14 22:40:14


I agree. Love a crunchy towel, far better for drying. My favourite hairdrying towel is (possibly) older than me. It is almost threadbare but it does the job just right.

I hate it when people use fabric conditioner on towels too.

mousmous Tue 04-Mar-14 22:40:38

I like them a bit in between.
not too rough but not too fluffy either..

Scholes34 Tue 04-Mar-14 23:36:41

Oooh, this is lovely to hear. I thought I was a bit strange for liking cardboard-like, line-dried towels.

Coumarin Tue 04-Mar-14 23:39:18

You'd all love my house then. I'm on a mission to keep my new towels from going the way of the rest. Sheets of sandpaper are bloody softer. Suppose they dry and exfoliate at the same time but still.

Coumarin Tue 04-Mar-14 23:40:39

I think the key to a rough towels is to line dry or radiator dry. Don't shake them beforehand and use fabric conditioner.

I'm doing the complete opposite to the above with my nice new fluffy towels.

shewhowines Tue 04-Mar-14 23:41:30

I hate scratchy hard towels angry

Nocomet Tue 04-Mar-14 23:41:50

Never noticed line dried towels not being soft, but it's so windy here they probably get fluffed.

ToysRLuv Wed 05-Mar-14 00:12:38

Ooh, I thought I was the only one! I hate new, fluffy towels. They don't do what they are meant to do - dry you. DH loves them hmm

I don't like really, really scratchy ones, either, though. I think they feel like they damage my hair. Sort of medium hard is best..

Coumarin Wed 05-Mar-14 03:50:17

Line dry isn't totally tough comet but not soft and fluffy like tumbled dried.

Coumarin Wed 05-Mar-14 03:50:24

* rough

YarnyStasher Wed 05-Mar-14 03:53:03

Mine are lovely and hard too. I wash them at 95 degrees.

mousmous Wed 05-Mar-14 07:32:58

<wails> I still have fluff in my hair.

JapaneseMargaret Wed 05-Mar-14 07:52:06

Oh my goodness - kindred towel spirits! grin

I LOVE crunchy, sun-dried towels - you can't beat them!

Martorana Wed 05-Mar-14 07:54:08

I bought a huge bag of "dog towels" from Oxfam for a fiver recently- some of them are much nicer than our usual human towels!

mousmous Wed 05-Mar-14 07:56:52

I actually thought of getting hamam towels, but they all had tinselly stuff.

ToysRLuv Wed 05-Mar-14 08:12:45

You should have a selection of hardness when you go to towel shopping. I hate new tea towels too. They don't dry anything either until about the 10th wash..

ToysRLuv Wed 05-Mar-14 08:13:36

Fluff.. aaargh! <shudders at the memory of a fluffy turquoise towel>

nirishma Thu 06-Mar-14 07:17:06


Im staying at my mum's this week and foolishly decided to indulge in one of her brand new funky-patterned Achica towels. Big mistake. Instead of warming me up and drying me they make me feel colder and wetter brrrrr!

And yes, they are also turquoise...

MesM Thu 06-Mar-14 11:52:51

Well I think yabvvvvu! Although I've never had turquoise hair fluff so maybe I'm being harsh!

I've had to suffer crunchy towels for the last 3 years as DH is a militant line dryer. However since we've been having a new kitchen installed and relying on the laundrette DH has had a Damascian conversion to the fluffy! We may yet upgrade to a washer dryer!

CorusKate Thu 06-Mar-14 11:55:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ILiveInAPineappleCoveredInSnow Thu 06-Mar-14 11:59:14

Crunchy towels are the best!!! Years ago, we stayed at mil's and DH ended up drying himself by rolling in the bed as her towels were fabric conditioned so much they were almost totally unabsorbent.

My ds1 HATES crunchy towels though - my DH sticks his in the dryer for five mins every night to make it nice and soft for him. He is a soft touch dad; I just tell my DS that crunchy towels are better and dry him through the complaints.
Apparently I dry and brush his hair better than my DH though grin

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