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To wonder how medical exams are marked (light hearted)

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ProudAS Tue 04-Mar-14 21:26:31

It seems that anyone who can write legibly automatically fails so how on earth can examiners mark the papers????

I've been given a fit note by my GP. I wouldn't know what it said had he not read it to me and his handwriting isn't bad by medical professional standards.

MedusaIsHavingaBadHairday Tue 04-Mar-14 22:30:43

I wonder too! MY DD1 is a 4th year med student (so qualifies next year) and we have joked that her handwriting and spelling might be the death of some unfortunate patient...we hope there is a good pharmacist who can read and spellcheck!!!

However, there are realtively few exam papers of that sort.. medical training is a complicated mix of coursework, exams that are basically tick the box (but you have to know hell of a lot to make the right selection) and what might be called practicals... Just as well!

wonkylegs Tue 04-Mar-14 22:33:28

I'm married to a consultant and in my experience their handwriting gets worse the longer they are in the job. His writing was bad at uni but just about legible it's now officially worse than our 5yo DSs.

MedusaIsHavingaBadHairday Fri 07-Mar-14 17:36:48

I'm glad to hear that shite handwriting won't hold my DD back Wonky :D

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