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To keep a plant pot under my hedge?

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VivaLeBeaver Mon 03-Mar-14 16:51:12

Last summer I must have been doing some gardening and somehow a plant pot got placed upside down under the conifer hedge at the end of the garden. The woman who lives at the back of us came round and complained....I'm talking about a 30cm pot. There's no back story with the neighbour at all. I thought it was a bit odd to get het up about but said I'd move it. I moved what I thought she was referring to and she was round the next day complaining it was still I searched and found and removed another one. All was well.

The dog has spent the day today driving me demented escaping from the garden. There has always been a small wire fence at the base of the conifer hedge but there must be holes in it and he's been in and out the garden all afternoon.

He's getting out behind the shed which I can't squeeze behind. I made two little fences out of garden canes and chicken wire either end of the shed. He managed to push through it. I've now blocked it off with a massive plant pot and some bricks.

She's complained already. Do I just tell her tough?

MarianneEnjolras Mon 03-Mar-14 16:53:08

One plant pot?

Send her round to look at my garden. That'll give her something to complain about.

It looks like a cross between a garden centre and a scrap yard thanks to dh and his "hobbies".

Catsmamma Mon 03-Mar-14 16:53:25

does she want to look at your makeshift fence or viva puppy crapping on her lawn??

...she sounds cuckoo, at best!! :D

DarlingGrace Mon 03-Mar-14 16:53:55

Tell her its a bug/snail/hedgehog house

ComeIntoTheGardenMaud Mon 03-Mar-14 16:54:41

Is it an egregiously ugly pot, spoiling her visual amenity? If not, and it's on your land, I'd smile sweetly at her and then ignore. In other words


Binkyridesagain Mon 03-Mar-14 16:56:08

Its not in her garden is it? If not then she can whistle. If it was me, everytime she came round to complain I would add another pot.

starfishmummy Mon 03-Mar-14 16:56:37

Is it in your garden or encroaching on hers?

If it is in yours then yanbu but if in hers then yabu!!

TeenageMutantNinjaTurtle Mon 03-Mar-14 16:57:56

What's her grounds for complaint?? It looks messy?

I'd just say "thanks for letting me know, but I put it there in purpose".

She has no right to complain about what you do with a 30cm plant pot!

Could you put it the right way up and plant so etching in it????

FunkyBoldRibena Mon 03-Mar-14 16:59:36

It's a toad habitat.

Put whatever pots you want in your garden, wherever you want them.

struggling100 Mon 03-Mar-14 17:05:44

I don't think you're being unreasonable, but it might be wise to avoid an argument with a neighbour if it's relatively easy to do so. You could go to the garden centre and buy an inexpensive shrub that will fill the hole, and stop the dog escaping. Wouldn't that be better than starting a fight? You never know the full story in these cases- maybe she's terrified of toads... or pots! (One of my friends hates buttons! BUTTONS for godssake!)

JonSnowsPout Mon 03-Mar-14 17:09:02

Id put out a line of gnomes on plant pots facing her garden.

Put what you want in the garden

VivaLeBeaver Mon 03-Mar-14 17:11:53

It's completely on my land. She said she doesn't like looking at it. Mmmm her sofa has its back to the window so she doesn't even sit looking out the bloody window.

I could try and plant a shrub but I need it really shoved right in at the bottom of the conifer hedge and I'm not sure anything would grow there.

Apart from that one pot the garden is tidy. Not that she can see into it anyway because of the thick conifer hedge.

This is the same neighbour btw who last year asked me to cut the hedge on her side which for the sake of neighbourly relations we did. The hedge is our boundary but don't people normally cut their own side? She's going to want it doing again this year I bet. Last year she was a bit of a pita about it. Asked, I said we'd do it and the next week asked me why it hadn't been done. Mmmm, cos dh works and we had plans at the weekend.

Floggingmolly Mon 03-Mar-14 17:14:25

If it spoils her view (as if!) it's up to her to place something more visually appealing in front of it; on her side of the hedge.
Some people really have too much time on their hands.

StarGazeyPond Mon 03-Mar-14 17:14:43

Marianne said - It looks like a cross between a garden centre and a scrap yard thanks to dh and his "hobbies"

Snap, snap, snap. I am ashamed of our garden every time I walk through the gate.

AuroraRoared Mon 03-Mar-14 17:20:35

Oh, she sounds like hard work. A breezy, "sorry, we need it there so it's staying" is more explanation than she needs or deserves.

I don't understand this urge to police other people's gardens.

ilovepowerhoop Mon 03-Mar-14 17:29:03

I think you should collect hundreds of plant pots and use them to block all the escape routes so your dog cant get out

get one of these

VivaLeBeaver Mon 03-Mar-14 17:35:18

That giant pot is fab but sadly it wouldn't fit under the hedge.

Right plant pot is staying! grin

Ohwhatfuckeryisthis Mon 03-Mar-14 17:40:24

Get a few of these facing her garden.

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