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Am I being unreasonable to prefer weekdays! (Lighthearted)

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Avenahoo Mon 03-Mar-14 14:07:57

I wonder if anyone can help me make sense of this but I love Mondays when DH goes back to work and DC 1 back to school. Actually if I'm honest it's DH mainly. I can't understand it as we have a great life, weekends we do fun things, go to nice restaurants etc. I'm not being braggy just trying to illustrate that I'm not with a rotter or anything like that. I love and fancy my DH very much but I also like it when he is away on business and it's just me and our dc... Things run smoother as well - they are all tucked up by 8.30 and I have the sky remote and wine
It does wind me up when he lounges around or sleeps in but that's about it. So why am I secretly thrilled when he has a trip coming up!?
Anyone relate or am I hiding a deep dark desire to live alone!?

redcaryellowcar Mon 03-Mar-14 14:19:18

yana (you are not alone) i feel the same . i look forward to weekends but also Monday when things go back to 'normal' my dh sometimes sees clients locally meaning he is home a bit earlier which throws me too.
bizarre that the house is tidier when he is not here, more stuff gets done, ds and i do the little diy and gardening jobs dh says he will do but never does!!
i love him loads but winning too much lottery money and him not working is something that worries me! (i hope for enough to have nice house mortgage free and dh working 3-4 days p. week!)1

formerbabe Mon 03-Mar-14 14:37:08

I am exactly the same...weekends are stressful! Dh and DC home all the time...I am constantly cooking/clearing up after everyone. Weekdays when school/works back are lovely and peaceful for me! I look forward to Mondays!

Avenahoo Mon 03-Mar-14 18:30:18

Glad I'm not alone. Yes the house is tidier and I get more done. I also have expectations when he is home and they are almost never met so when he is out at work I have none and just get on with it.

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