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AIBUs from the DCs

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ProudAS Sun 02-Mar-14 18:48:38

AIBU to think DPs like DB more than me? Since they brought this horrible baby home we don't get to go to the park because he's asleep. DM shouts at me a lot more and I can't play like I used to because it wakes him up. He doesn't get into trouble for waking me up though.

DF said that he's not like a toy and I can't put him in the toy box when I don't want him - so just where should I put him when I don't want him??? The dustbin maybe???

Chippednailvarnish Sun 02-Mar-14 18:49:55

Send him back to the hospital.

gordyslovesheep Sun 02-Mar-14 18:51:37

yanbu - they shouldn't shout at you because they chose to have a baby. point out to them that babies can sleep at the park

also try helping out a bit - wash the baby in the toilet or feed it some of your dinner

ProudAS Sun 02-Mar-14 18:54:11

I told DM to take him back to hospital and she says she can't. Washing him in toilet might be fun though.

chocolatemademefat Mon 03-Mar-14 03:41:42

I felt like you when my brother came along. And forty years later he's still here so you may as well get used to it.
One day you'll appreciate him - or so i'm told!

Cuxibamba Mon 03-Mar-14 04:15:02

Hah. When I told mummy that I was going to bury the baby in the ground so it never came back (like the dog) she got cross. Parents, eh?

(DS didn't exactly like DD at the start, unfortunately).

ProudAS Mon 03-Mar-14 06:30:54

Could we have some more AIBUs from young children. My DB is now 34 and has buffered off overseas!

Patilla Mon 03-Mar-14 06:50:19

AIBU to think I've done a good stretch of school but can stop now?

I know all my letters and can count to 39 on a good day. I've even reprised the role of third king to critical acclaim from mummy and daddy.

Surely I am sufficiently learned by now?

TheOneWithTheHair Mon 03-Mar-14 06:58:13

AIBU to not sit on my chair properly for the time it takes to eat a meal?

I'm only five and I've got years left to do that. Why shouldn't I wriggle and get up and down? It takes ages to eat a whole meal and I get bored. I should be allowed to pretend I'm a frog, stormtrooper, gedi, England rugby captain.

MrsMook Mon 03-Mar-14 06:59:23

AIBU to baby sit DB? DM went to the kitchen to make dinner so I thought I'd keep him out of trouble by sitting on him. I got told off. I was only trying to help.

fryingpantoface Mon 03-Mar-14 08:54:18

AIBU thinking that baby db belongs to mummy? and daddy shouldn't hold him, he should only hold me? WIBU to keep shouting that when daddy holds db?

GreenLandsOfHome Mon 03-Mar-14 09:01:37

AIBU to think it's soooo unfair that my brother who's 6 gets to sleep on the top bunk? Yet i'm stuck in the bottom. I'm 4 and I've been fine with this arrangement for a year yet suddenly I am feeling the unfairness of this situation.

Every night now I wait until dbro is asleep and then climb to the top bunk which makes my dp's cross. I have tried screaming and screaming at bedtime and going back downstairs numerous times but my dps seem to ignore this and just put me back in my bed.

WIBU to just sling my brother off the top bunk so I can sleep there? I have tried this once with no success. I couldn't get my brother off (even though he was asleep) and it made my mummy VERY cross. AIBU to want to try this again?

redskyatnight Mon 03-Mar-14 09:04:49

AIBU to swap my brother (9) for my friend's sister (12 weeks)?

Mummy says we can't have any babies in our house which is very unfair as I could look after one now I am 7.

And my friend has 2 sisters so won't miss one.

ToriaPumpkin Mon 03-Mar-14 09:54:53

AIBU to jump from the arm of the sofa onto mummy's tummy? She gets upset and tells me not to squash the baby but all I can see is a big ball she's shoved up her top that looks excellent for bouncing on to me!

(DS age 2.4)

Fairy1303 Mon 03-Mar-14 10:09:11

AIBU to post all my lovingly made pasta bake down the side of the highchair?

Mummy says I am but I just can't see her problem.

While we're at it - my Sister wants to know if she IBU to slam the door and shout at mummy that she hates her and she never wanted a step mum anyway?

She's only expressing her feelings!

Whereisegg Mon 03-Mar-14 10:15:19

AIBU to not bother remembering any table manners or the advice about not leaving my vegetables until last because they'll be cold?

I mean, I'm 7, so old enough to decide which advice works for me.
I am impeccably behaved at friends houses, so I don't really understand why my dparents insist on cutlery and sitting still at home.

If I wasn't making mummy rub her eyes or temples, or daddy remind me yet again through gritted teeth, then I would surely have to engage with funny anecdotes about my day while everyone visibly relaxes.

That's a rubbish use of the first time my family has together all day.

whereiseggsds, age 7.

vladthedisorganised Mon 03-Mar-14 10:17:24

AIBU to think that DPs are old enough to know how to behave in a theatre?

My master performance had barely started, and on they go with heckle, heckle, heckle non-stop. "Get dressed," "eat your breakfast", "brush your teeth", "what on earth are you doing with the curtains", "we have to leave the house in five minutes..."

For some reason the heckling got worse when I pointed out that we weren't even at the interval yet.

Olivier never had to put up with THIS!

(DD 3.9)

thegreylady Mon 03-Mar-14 11:33:06

My ds made up a little song to sing whenever his baby sister fell asleep to the accompaniment of non rhthmic banging on a drum.
Try it smile
I wish it was
The way it was
Before that baby came
I am going to wrap it up and put it in the bin
It is stinky pooey.

pregnantpause Mon 03-Mar-14 11:54:27

Aibu to get a new, more appreciate mummy?

I am a loving, sensitive soul, and I need those people around me to appreciate this and accept that I like to express my love in many ways and it is nothing short of abuse that she tries to limit my displays of love to the homesad she is embarrassed of me. Just today she got angry that I tried to kiss her in the supermarketangry I told her I love her , lifted her top for a skin cuddle and belly kiss and she batted me away, and practically growled that she loved me but I mustn't do that in publicshock she has also asked that I don't shoupl ml pop pt Mammy I love you from the stage in a school performance- this is a good school and I think they encourage us to follow our own artistic improvisation- ffs, one of the other children walked off the stage mid performance, all I did was break lineswink , I'm three now and really need a mother who can love me for who I am-love tantrums and all.

MinesAPintOfTea Mon 03-Mar-14 11:59:48

AIBU to be heartbroken that the postman turned out not to be daddy and stand at the front door crying and screaming "DADDDDYYYY" as he retreats?

AlpacaLypse Mon 03-Mar-14 12:06:35

AIBU to lock myself in the only working shower for well over an hour? It takes aaaaggggeeees to rinse my hair!

Alpacalypse2 (age 15)

CloverHeart Mon 03-Mar-14 12:10:37

AIBU to not even want a baby brother or sister?

DM keeps telling me I have no choice and it will be like having a friend to play with, but you all appear to think otherwise. Can we just leave it at the hospital in the first place?

BastardDog Mon 03-Mar-14 12:34:54

AIBU to wear all my decent trousers to play football in after school? Of course with all this rain we've been having they get covered in mud, it can't be helped can it?

On Saturday mum asked for my washing, but I was on the xbox and was irritated that she was distracting me from important things so I just shouted that I had nothing for the wash. Clothes washing is irrelevant, Minecraft is life and death stuff.

So on Sunday mum and dad insisted we go out for a boring family Sunday lunch and the only thing I had clean was tracksuit bottoms. Mum told me to put some proper trousers on, but they were all on my bedroom floor covered in mud from playing football after school. So she shouted at me and moaned at me all the way in the car to the restaurant.

I managed to shovel three courses of Sunday lunch down me, despite her glaring at me across the table and then when we got home she refused to let me go on the xbox! I thought this was majorly unreasonable of her so plotted to pay her back. I waited until Ray Quinn was on Dancing on Ice last night as she'd told dad she couldn't wait to watch him after his performance last week. As soon as I saw Ray Quinn on the TV I walked boldly into the lounge, stood in front of the TV and said I needed help with my homework on the Periodic Table. Mum went loopy! It was a spectacular sight to behold and ended my weekend on a real high note.

Ds Aged 13.

natwebb79 Mon 03-Mar-14 12:38:43

Toriapumpkin - do we have the same child?! Goodness knows what state this poor baby will be in by the time it comes out...

mouse26 Mon 03-Mar-14 14:02:39

AIBU to want to sleep in mummys bed EVERY night? It's loads more comfortable than mine and I can kick her as much as I like. I don't care that that means Daddy has no space when he comes home from work. Mummy tells me I have to stay in my own bed and takes me back, so I usually just climb up onto the top bunk with my big brother instead. Then he refuses to give me blanket so I kick him too

(Age 5)

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