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aibu to want to take ds to gp

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flowerpotgirl12 Sat 01-Mar-14 22:06:15

hiya, my dp thinks I'm being all pfb but I think it's worth checking.

our ds is 6 weeks old and is constantly straining and grunting. its worse when he's lying down, even if his mattress is propped up. he's not constipated as goes once a dsy and correct colour etc. but he seems so uncomfortable all day and it's a nightmare at night as being held is the only way he properly sleeps and I don't want to co-sleep as I think it's dangerous. dp says he's fine and will pass and no point bothering gp.

so aibu to take him to drs?

Poppy67 Sat 01-Mar-14 22:07:28

See a doctor to be on the safe side.

Elliemayclampett Sat 01-Mar-14 22:08:40

If you're worried then take him to the Drs.

WaitingForMe Sat 01-Mar-14 22:09:00

I say trust your instincts but I'd go baby clinic over GP.

WhyMeWhyNot Sat 01-Mar-14 22:13:28

Follow your instincts every time. Give out of hours GP a call to put your mind at rest. You can also ring the postnatal ward you were discharged from, they will advise you. Good luck!

Famzilla Sat 01-Mar-14 22:17:38

Are you winding him thoroughly? Some babies suffer dreadfully with wind no matter how much their parents seem to try. Infacol may be an idea.

No harm in seeing your GP if you're anxious though, or your HV may be able to do a home visit.

Tallypet Sat 01-Mar-14 22:19:44

Co sleeping is not dangerous. I've done it for 3 years.
Your baby is ONLY 6 WEEKS OLD. Give comfort and v warmth. Child might have colic. Drape your chikf over your arm with legs and arms hanging off either side (think tiger on a branch) and sway. My friend showed me this and it really helped.
Baby is too young to be left alone

Highlandhope Sat 01-Mar-14 22:21:13

Sounds like colic. My son used to make lots of straining/grunting noises, and would not sleep unless propped up, took 3 visits to GP for him finally to be diagnosed with colic. If it is colic, unfortunately very little helped, but eventually we found a chiropractor who worked small miracles on him.

flowerpotgirl12 Sat 01-Mar-14 22:21:58

he is on infacol and colief. he does have problems bringing up wind can take a while.

my dp points out that I didn't mention that I took him tk gp in Monday ans gp said he's constipated and told us to change milk. the new milk made him 10x worse so changed it back ans he's been pooing, so not constipated.

therefore I think it's still worth it as that wasn't the problem.

fortifiedwithtea Sat 01-Mar-14 22:24:18

I'd say speak to your health visitor to put your mind at rest.

As I recall babies are noisy buggers grunting and going red in the face having a poo and not even constipated

DD2 was the worst for being held to sleep. I didn't want to co-sleep but gave in with exhaustion. Interestingly the HV told me DD2 would start to separate at 6 weeks and she was right. I managed to get her to sleep in her cot right next to our bed fairly quickly after that. Once she would sleep in the cot, the cot got moved to DD2's own room. No need for baby monitor, when she woke for a feed I heard her alright wink

flowerpotgirl12 Sat 01-Mar-14 22:24:48

re co-sleeping, our hv told us not to as dp smokes (obviously not in house and changes top, washes hands etc) but she stated it was a higher risk of sids because of it, so don't want to risk it

Lweji Sat 01-Mar-14 22:27:57

You could try baby massage on the stomach, to easy the movements and release wind. One way is to fold her legs against the stomach and to press hard, or make circular movements clockwise with your hand. Some time on her stomach may also help.
Finally, you could feed her the bottle at a 30-40 degree angle, and then leave her in that position for a few minutes so that any air that goes to her stomach keeps going up and it's burped more easily. I did that to help with DS bringing up milk and it helped.
However, if you are worried about her at any time, always take her to the GP. Better safe than sorry.

Lweji Sat 01-Mar-14 22:28:49

Ups, sorry, he. I don't know where I got girl from.

Fakebook Sat 01-Mar-14 22:29:27

Take him to the doctor and it sounds like reflux to me. DS had it very badly and would grunt all night and day. He was fine after taking infant gaviscon.

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