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To have reported neighbour

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RinkyDinkyDoo Sat 01-Mar-14 19:16:06

Tax disc on his second car, they have a main car and a works van, ran out at the end of January.
This car is mainly parked on the road, as is the van and other car, they have room on their drive for one car,but don't use it.
I have now seen him driving the car with out of date tax 4 times now. I reported him on the DVLA website this afternoon.

ApocalypticBlackHorseman Sat 01-Mar-14 19:16:54


LackingEnergy Sat 01-Mar-14 19:17:18

Yanbu :-)

CorusKate Sat 01-Mar-14 19:18:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CailinDana Sat 01-Mar-14 19:18:58

Do you dislike them for some reason? I was just wondering why you wouldn't just remind them?

HunterWellies Sat 01-Mar-14 19:19:26

Not sure what his drive has to do with it but I don't think yabu. If it's out of date, it's out of date.

I might have pointed it out to him first though and given him the chance to sort it. I've forgot to put the disc in before now, even though I've bought it.

Catswiththumbs Sat 01-Mar-14 19:19:52

The paper in the car is irrelevant. They have been scrapped now. If he drives past a copper with a number plate recognition camera or the dvla who also do patrols he will get "caught"

I think this is more a case of parking wars blush

LaurieFairyCake Sat 01-Mar-14 19:20:09

I can't imagine reporting someone for this - it's not a crime.

He will not get away with it in any way whatsoever as when he renews he will be fined by dvla or he will pay to catch up anyway

At no point will he not have to pay the car tax.

It's not like insurance where it's an actual crime.

TattyDevine Sat 01-Mar-14 19:20:42

Not unreasonable but wonder why you give a toss?

TattyDevine Sat 01-Mar-14 19:21:14

The reason the road is relevant is that you can have an untaxed vehicle out of use on a driveway legally.

LaurieFairyCake Sat 01-Mar-14 19:21:31

Why didn't you just point it out to him? confused

When dh's ran out - dvla hadnt sent his form out - he only noticed when I washed out - no one looks at their car tax.

Catswiththumbs Sat 01-Mar-14 19:21:45

Alternatively GIYF

RinkyDinkyDoo Sat 01-Mar-14 19:21:54

Comment about the drive is that he could declare it off road for nothing and park it up there.
He is driving round in it.

CoffeeTea103 Sat 01-Mar-14 19:23:03

Wow you really are a nosy busybody!

Waltonswatcher1 Sat 01-Mar-14 19:23:47

If they were nice neighbours you wouldn't have even noticed.
Something else going in here and you YABU to not tell us what...

MajorGrinch Sat 01-Mar-14 19:24:15

You obviously don't get on. I'd only do it if I wanted to have a sneaky go at someone behind their back.

Our neighbour told our son his was out of date (new one was in the post) which was quite neighbourly I thought....

Bearbehind Sat 01-Mar-14 19:25:11

Karma will likely bite you on the arse.

I can't believe you have taken enough notice to cite that he has driven the car 4 times without tax.

It's not right, but haven't you got bigger things to worry about?

HunterWellies Sat 01-Mar-14 19:26:07

Ok I see what you mean about the drive but you already said he's driving it, so he can have a SORN.

Is this a particular bugbear of yours or do you not like him?

pastaNcheese Sat 01-Mar-14 19:26:07

How did you even notice? I think YABU to care enough to report it. It doesn't affect your life in any way!

waltermittymissus Sat 01-Mar-14 19:26:17

Why on earth would you be arsed or arsey enough to do this?

HunterWellies Sat 01-Mar-14 19:26:59


TidyDancer Sat 01-Mar-14 19:28:01

The paper in the car is not irrelevant, the tax disc has not been scrapped yet. Vehicles still need to display one. Though the comment about police being able to find out anyway is correct.

OP, you could check online to see if the car is taxed, then you'll feel better about reporting if it's definitely not taxed.

Scarbella2 Sat 01-Mar-14 19:28:08

That's a horrible thing to do, I would hate to live beside someone like you. I'm my experience nosey people should look at what's going on in their own houses before making phones calls.

hippoinamudhole Sat 01-Mar-14 19:29:34

If you have no tax/MOT your insurance will be invalidated, so either way you are committing a crime.

whattodoforthebest2 Sat 01-Mar-14 19:29:34

I have a car on the road outside my house with an out of date tax disc - its still sitting on my kitchen shelf! I'd be astonished if anyone else gave a toss about it - time for them to get a life methinks.

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