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to think this is a fairly perfect morning?

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HuntingforBunting Sat 01-Mar-14 09:47:45

Woke up this morning a little hungover about 8. Ds age 4 came in and gave me a cuddle. About half eight we went downstairs put on peppa pig and had toast and coffee in front of the t.v.. then I came up to back to my bed, put on a dvd from the box set and read mn. Dh is still asleep in his bedroom. Ds is downstairs playing. I am blissfully alone drinking my coffee. Am I being unreasonable to think I'm in heaven?

Dogonabeanbag Sat 01-Mar-14 16:30:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DuckworthLewis Sat 01-Mar-14 16:41:17

...are you singing it a lullaby Dog ?


Dogonabeanbag Sat 01-Mar-14 18:15:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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