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To continue my wedding thread on here

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I did start another over in weddings, dont think its very easy to find though.

Link for first thread;


Quick update:

Chapel booked
Registrar booked
Legion booked
Have some decorations
Decided most the food
Invitation card etc ready to be designed
Guest list written out

Met with the pastor yesterday to run through some things. Lovely man. His wife has offered to be the organist too, so thats sorted.
Notice to marry tomorrow from the registry office.

Kandypane Sun 09-Mar-14 07:27:56

Please carry on! So many helpful tips smile xx

IceNoSlice Sun 09-Mar-14 07:28:27

The link doesn't work - perhaps you could post it again? You've also not said what the AIBU question is?

EdithWeston Sun 09-Mar-14 07:33:19

The question was about being miserable that she was unable to afford the wedding industry dream of what the venue and event should be like. And everyone said she WBU. And the thread developed into a helpful one about 'ideas for lovely and affordable weddings', which looks set to continue.

Hello Kandy glad threads helping!

Ice Will relink again, thanks for pointing it out. The title is my question.

Original thread:

Crossed posts Edith. Summed it up perfectly, thank you.

PasswordProtected Sun 09-Mar-14 07:59:29

Give the carpet a good clean & cover anything you don't like in clean, white sheets with a bow in the colour of your choice?

IceNoSlice Sun 09-Mar-14 20:03:03

Ah, all the best with your wedding plans IfIDont!

Apologies but CBA to read 40 pages of t'other thread to see if these ideas have been posted already or are irrelevant but...

Table decorations: my friend grew loads of sweet peas (and gave seeds to loads of us to grow them too) then cut them on the morning of the wedding and put them in jam jars with a ribbon tied around the jar. They looked and smelled amazing. And super cheap.

Don't bother with favours.

If you haven't sorted a dress yet, Oxfam have a special shop somewhere that just sells wedding dresses. Or eBay. Or ex-display/sample. Then pay to have it professionally altered to fit you perfectly!

Have a lovely time.

Sweetpeas are lovely idea.

So have come up with a reading for the wedding that really like, except we would like opinions please.

Dreaming only lasts until you wake up & find out you are not asleep,
Silence only sticks around until someone in the room decides to speak,
And luck runs out & hearts go cold,
We are only young until we are old,
And summer leaves us wondering where it went,
The friends you have can disappear,
The whole world can change within one year,
And money only lasts until it is spent.

Truth does change & time does fly,
The party will last until the wine has all gone,
We stay in touch until we forget,
And beauty fades the kiss will end,
And fame will love you and leave just as fast,
You will have it all until it is gone,
The books get burned and the statues fall,
Sometimes it will feels like nothing will ever last

My love can we dance together?
Since I have found you it feels like time does not matter,
My love now I feel much better.
For you have shown me forever.

See you my love, you last a lifetime.

I took it from a song I liked the lyrics of. Dropped the chorus, extended the words ( un abbreviated them) changed a few words ( hey into my etc)

Going to have a reading from the bible too. Just looking for other ideas as well.

Do I have time to grow sweetpeas? Dp is gardener but not around atm

WaitMonkey Mon 10-Mar-14 10:00:21

Glad your plans are coming together. smile

Thank you WaitMonkey

Ok, maybe not such a good reading. Any nice ones people like?

Pippintea Mon 10-Mar-14 17:04:56

I have no idea what's going on... hmm

Pippintea what do you mean? As in the thread?
Its a wedding ideas/ advice thread.

Plan so far;

Ceremony at the chapel with parents, dc & siblings
Drinks at the pub
Following Saturday the reception/ party with ploughmans spread

So now I need to sort the food. Cheese cake, hams etc. Im not sure on quantities though as I havnt catered for this many before.Am going to see mh butcher todayfor meat items today, just to get a general cost idea. He does large pies ( pork or gala or chicken & ham etc ) so will see about them..

Does anyone have any experience of amount needed?

Also, have been considering not wearing a wedding dress. I would like to wear a beautiful dress still, just gowns are so expensive and I have only 4 months until Im married.

Anyone done this or have suggestions for suitable alternatives would be great.

Also, have been considering not wearing a wedding dress. I would like to wear a beautiful dress still, just gowns are so expensive and I have only 4 months until Im married.

Anyone done this or have suggestions for suitable alternatives would be great.

Not sure why that posted twice.

TestingTestingWonTooFree Wed 12-Mar-14 08:01:01

I'd suggest you go and try on wedding dresses and see how you feel about them. If you like them, you could probably get a pre-worn one on eBay, just work out size, shape, fabric and detailing you want. If you're not fussed, then that widens your field.

I havee

That is a good idea. Will try some on. Tbh though Im not too worried about that anymore. Just kind of want a lovely dress.
Anyone not worn a wedding gown to get married in?

dellybobs Thu 13-Mar-14 07:52:13

Have you looked on ebay for a gown? Not one from china they make but one from an ex display/sample in a shop. I've seen my dress i paid a fortune for new on ebay for less than 10% of the price. I got my bridesmaid dresses on ebay should have retailed at over £200 for £25 each. They are sample dresses from bridal shops too and perfect condition! Worth a look

CountessOfRule Thu 13-Mar-14 07:52:59

Reading has made me sob this morning.

I think a pretty dress that isn't obviously a wedding dress would be lovely, but I do think you should consider pale and plain so it at least looks bridal. Grey/silver is very in this year. Will look for links later.

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