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To think Cra-Z-y loom is a form of torture...

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Orangeanddemons Fri 28-Feb-14 20:43:29

I have a degree in Textiles, know a lot about weaving, and can knit or crochet anything.

Dh has a degree in Maths.

Neither of us can work out this fucking fucking thinghmm

Sorry for swearing, but it is impossible isn't it? It's not just us being thick...

Instructions are a bag of shite too

Golightly133 Fri 28-Feb-14 23:36:33

You tube it full video instructions

loomatic Mon 10-Mar-14 18:10:42

The Cra-Z-Loom is a bit harder to work with than the Fun Loom or Rainbow Loom, but my 12 year old loves it. I prefer one of the other two, or the Sunshine Loom (currently the only circular loom) which allows for longer patterns without having to reset the loom like you would have to with the Rainbow Loom to make pieces long enough to wear. Some of the patterns for the Rainbow Loom only come out to around 2 inches, which isn't even long enough for a child without a million extension bands. The best thing to do is hit YouTube or go to the Rainbow Loom website. I like the videos on the Rainbow Loom site best as they tell you in advance how many bands of each color to use and everything else you'll need. As the Cra-Z-Loom can't be taken apart and re-arranged, just be careful which videos you watch (some call for the loom to be "straight', which very few looms have that capability), but most are for the regular "V" set up. Whether you use YouTube or the rainbow Loom site, be sure you have enough room by your computer/laptop and keep your supplies handy. Follow along, using their colors, until you're comfortable enough with each pattern to make up your own color combinations. Our whole family has gotten into the craze (me, my husband, and our kids: 18 year old son, and girls who are 15, 12, 10, and 9) and we're loving it. After doing a few of the "beginner" bands from the R.L. site, we've already invented several of our own. It just takes a bit of time/playing around to figure out exactly how the bands loop together to form a stable piece.

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