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To make a report to social services?

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HappyWasGoLucky Fri 28-Feb-14 00:02:09

Name changed, I'm a regular. Pom bears, naice ham, penis beaker.

This is long, I apologise!

A family member of mine has been interviewed under caution regarding an incident in which her child (2 years old) was hurt. Social Services turned up at her house several weeks ago and took her and her two boys to hospital (2 and 3) because of a severe mark on the two year olds face. She told the hospital staff and social services that he and his brother were fighting and he fell over and hurt his face on a toy bus, which they accepted.

Fast forward several weeks and she has rang SS and told them that she lied and she hit him round the head which caused him to fall on the toy bus. She had a child action meeting with SS and the police in which she admitted hitting her son.

Following this meeting the police rang her and told her to present herself at the police station for interview as they were going to charge her with assault on a minor. Following the interview, the police are going to make a decision on whether to charge her with assault on a minor and give her a caution or proceed to court.

She and her mother are now down-playing the incident and saying that she only gave a small tap on the top of his head with the palm of her hand and that SS are trying to stitch her up for something she didn't do.

The thing is, I know of and have witnessed previous instances in which these boys have been emotionally and physically neglected and have been hit.

I've witnessed her smack the elder child round the head because he wasn't leaving a room quick enough. I went round one afternoon and neither boys were dressed or washed, they both had nappies on that were dangling down to their knees and the elder child had quite obviously had a poo. I told her he had soiled his nappy and she said 'yeah, I need to change him' and then proceeded to sit down and talk to me for an hour about her boyfriend. When she did finally change him the poo was stuck to his bum so it had obviously been left for a while.

I've witnessed the children throw bricks around the back garden whilst she sits in the kitchen smoking and gossiping, absolutely no supervision whatsoever. On another day, this actually resulted in another child's head being split open by a brick and an ambulance was called. The ambulance man was so concerned at the state of her children that he called the police.

Her elder child has taken to wetting himself when someone shouts, it doesn't even have to be him getting told off.

So basically, the police and SS are focussing solely on this one incident with the bus and her smaller child, they know nothing of anything else.

I know that by reporting this I will be opening myself up to all sorts of abuse and I will probably be outcast from the family (bar my own immediate members). But I feel that by not reporting this that she will more than likely be let off with a caution and the children will continue to suffer. sad


HappyWasGoLucky Tue 04-Mar-14 09:22:35

Thanks Surro.

These boys are high level on the child protection register, so I think Social Services have to investigate I've been told, I'm not sure how it works myself.

Sorry to hear you went through something similar. thanks

HappyWasGoLucky Tue 04-Mar-14 13:55:18

I've spoken to the social worker assigned to the case and told her what I know.

To be honest, she didn't seem that interested, perhaps because I don't really see the mother that often, or perhaps because of the time that has lapsed. I should have reported a long time ago. sad

She wanted to speak to my sister really, who sees the mother a lot more than me. I've rang her and given her the number. I hope she decides to report.

MrsSquirrel Tue 04-Mar-14 14:08:10

Well done for reporting, you have done the right thing. thanks Let's hope those kids can now get the help they need.

Don't be so sure that the sw wasn't interested. She may have seemed that way, but she is probably just overworked. She wants to speak to your sister to corroborate what you said. It's understandable.

Saturnsearcher Tue 04-Mar-14 16:18:46

Yanbu may be able to be anonymous if that would help

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