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To think this girl won't turn 18 tomorrow?

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CrohnicallyFarting Thu 27-Feb-14 19:53:00

I was listening to the radio, and they were wishing a happy birthday to someone who is celebrating their 18th birthday tomorrow (28th Feb).

The thing is, she was born on Feb 29th. Obviously, this year isn't a leap year, so she can't celebrate her actual birth date. But I can't help thinking she's celebrating a day early and she should actually have 1st March as her 'birthday' in non-leap years.

I just have this vision of the poor girl going out for a few drinks tomorrow to celebrate as is customary for people turning 18, only for her to get IDed and turned away for not actually being 18 yet.

So AIBU or is she?

mrsjay Sat 01-Mar-14 10:34:48

oh if she got Id she would not get served poor girl wont be able to her a drink in a pub till she is counts fingers 20 odd

Seff Sat 01-Mar-14 10:38:16

Generally speaking, the police wouldn't be going round pubs and clubs checking the ID of everyone in there, so most barstaff would probably be kind about it.

The reason most barstaff get caught serving under 18s is when the police send in people who are under 18 (and they are supposed to look under 18 too) to try and buy alcohol.

In my years of working behind a bar, I've never known it come up though.

As for when people born on the 29th Feb choose to celebrate, some say their birthday is the day after the 28th Feb, so celebrate on 1st March, others say they were born in February, not March, so celebrate on the last day of February.

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