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To think that a man isn't a child?

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DescribeTheRuckus Thu 27-Feb-14 17:31:59

When my DH and I moved in together, it never for a moment occurred to me to take over tasks that he was perfectly capable of. He needs ironed shirts for work, therefore he irons his own shirts. I cook meals, he cleans up after. When the DCs came along, I did the majority of the feeding, and I was at home for a few years, so I did more stuff around the house naturally, but even then, that did not give him a 'pass' on helping around the house, or being an equal parent when he was home. How does it happen that women, whether they work or stay home, completely take over a man's life?? I hear other mums complaining about the amount of ironing they do, and are utterly baffled when I tell them just to let their DPs sort out their own ironing...they seriously look at me like I've gone nuts! Am I being unreasonable to think that our DPs should be treated as grown adults with responsibility, instead of being taken care of?

ReadyToPopAndFresh Thu 27-Feb-14 20:24:57

The best one is when a man does, say, look after his own flesh and blood for an evening then other women tell you how good he is.

Some of them post about it on facebook... Has a man ever in the history of the internet bragged that his wife cooked him dinner? Or looked after the children while he went out for the night? Ever?

As for men being gutter cleaners and fixers of cars... hmm I don't know any men under 60 who work on their own cars. They are too automated now a days and they have to pay someone else to do same as we women folk do..

Gutter cleaning as far as I know is always outsourced as well

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