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To be bloody annoyed at family for facilitating this

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Hoppinggreen Thu 27-Feb-14 16:25:26

Disclaimer - not a benefits bash thread, only referring to THIS particular case!!
A family member is 20 and has never worked. She has very mild SN but is mainly very lazy and spoilt. She has a baby at 16 and stayed at her mums, who does everything for this child while the mum buys crap with her child benefit. When she was told that after September when her child starts school she would have to go onto JSA and start looking for work she has now deliberately got pg - not speculating here she freely admits it.
Her mum has decided she doesn't want her and 2 children living there so has told her she has to move out. Another family member has bought a small house for her to rent. Rent will be paid by housing benefit. Apparently family member gets somewhere to live for free and other family member will end up owning a house where her mortgage is covered by benefits!!
I appreciate this doesn't really affect me but I am avoiding these people now as when asked what I think I will have to tell them and here will be falling out ( which may be a good thing??)

KitZacJak Fri 28-Feb-14 11:50:50

YABU - It looks as if her mother is making her face up to her responsibilities by moving out so I am not sure you could say she is facilitating her now. If the mother carried on with her at home and doing everything for her that would be facilitating her! She will get a shock when she has to do everything for herself and hopefully it will be the making of her.

Regarding the housing benefit, she would be paying one landlord or another so why not a relation? It is not illegal (I don't think) as that relative could easily rent to another person on housing benefit so why not her?

sashh Sat 01-Mar-14 07:11:31

Relative buying house is her sister but has different name as she is married - HB won't even know they are related I wouldn't think.

They do ask on the form so wither they will know or she will be committing fraud.

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