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judyandthedreamofdonkeys Wed 26-Feb-14 21:26:54

Sorry its not really aibu but I need the traffic.

I have a family member who is currentl fighting her ex partner over custody of her ds.

Her ex has been threatening to abduct the dc and take them to his own country and they split due to serious domestic abuse which began during pregnancy and she left.

He has told her he isnt interested in their dc he is doing this to get one up on her.

Hes taken it now to family court my family member has hired a solicitor and shes rubbish she forgot family members name in court forgot to give her the most recent court date until the day before and doesnt explain things well.

Her ex dp is self representing but Because of this in the most recent hearing the judge was advising him how to write a statement in response to the donestic violence police reports which is surely bias?

My family member took her dad with her last time but He was not allowed in the actual room with her.

My question is really to any legal minded people out there can i represent her in family court if im not a solicitor im involved in child protection case conferences as part of my job and confident enough in child protection law to think id be good representation but would they actually let me with being a family member who knows them both.

a1992 Wed 26-Feb-14 22:53:09

She needs to look into talking to who ever issues passports and making sure one hasnt been taken out in her child's name etc, and finding out what she needs to do so the child can not leave the country. No idea on the process but i know my stepsister had this happen to her by her kids dad, he stopped her taking them out of the country by getting some kind of order, and notifying customs (??)

Beavie Wed 26-Feb-14 23:05:52

I'm pretty sure you either have to self represent or have a solicitor or barrister, you can't just have your mum/aunt/sister/friend.

Sounds like she needs a new solicitor. I had a really rubbish one so I changed firms.

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