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To contact this lady via Facebook?

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Flossyfloof Wed 26-Feb-14 18:26:28

I don't use Facebook, but I did subscribe a year or so ago. I have recently bought a new house which is due to be rented out - and have lost the alarm code, I haven't used it whilst the house was having work done on it. I asked the agents who dealt with the sale to contact the previous owners a few days ago. They say they have left messages but not heard back from the previous owners. They were nice people - I didn't have much to do with them but they seemed nice and we had no issues over the sale. I have just found her name on Facebook and am pretty certain it is her. I don't feel comfortable really, contacting her to ask for the alarm code, but I don't really understand how people use Facebook anyway. So - WIBU to contact her in this way? The only other option is to phone her husband at work, I believe he works for a large organisation, but I very much doubt if they would put me straight through to him and I would be in the same situation, of leaving it to someone else to pass on a message, not really knowing if it had got through to them.

LRDtheFeministDragon Wed 26-Feb-14 18:27:43

You've nothing to lose. It's not as if you ever need to be friendly with her.

Flossyfloof Wed 26-Feb-14 18:29:21

No that's true, I just feel a bit like a stalker! I don't feel comfortable with the "out-there-ness" of F/B.

NaturalBlondeYeahRight Wed 26-Feb-14 18:29:54

If you are not friends already, it will go to a section of messages called 'others' which nobody ever checks (bitter experience)

exexpat Wed 26-Feb-14 18:30:08

If you message her through facebook but you are not facebook 'friends', your message will go into what is effectively a spam folder (the 'other' message folder) and there is a strong chance she will never see it, as most people rarely if ever bother checking the 'other' folder and you don't get notified about messages in there. No harm in trying, but I doubt it would work.

I'd try contacting the husband through his office, either by phone or by trying to find his email address.

Flossyfloof Wed 26-Feb-14 18:33:16

Oh, that's helpful, thanks. I will try the office route then. I didn't now about this as I have no F/B friends. Well I do, about 8 - and two of them live next-door.

Lottiedoubtie Wed 26-Feb-14 18:35:53

Perfectly reasonable if you send a brief and polite message. Bare in mind that as you aren't friends it will go into her 'other' folder and so she won't get a notification in the normal way and might not get it.

If she has poor privacy settings you may be able to see her email address and email that, but morally I guess that's a bit dodgier!

LaurieFairyCake Wed 26-Feb-14 18:37:43

I've got to disagree with the others - I'd be miffed at someone contacting me a year after a house sale.

Can't you contact the alarm company?

LadyFlumpalot Wed 26-Feb-14 18:39:57

Something my mum did in the days before facebook when she wanted to know something was she sent the previous owners of her house a letter. Addressed to them but to the address they had moved out of and mum was now living in. The post office redirect picked it up and sent it to their new address.

Flossyfloof Wed 26-Feb-14 19:07:01

The house sale was three or four months ago, not a year, Laurie. I am not sure why you would be miffed, I was more concerned about the Facebook approach. Like the idea of sending a letter, hadn't thought about that. I have had Yodel leave several notes and have sent the info to the agents, thanks for that.

Flossyfloof Wed 26-Feb-14 19:08:10

Thanks all, sorry to sound like a numptie when it comes to Facebook. And Life in general.

LaurieFairyCake Wed 26-Feb-14 19:26:14

1. Because the house is now yours and

2. They are clearly ignoring you

That's why.

They are clearly selfish arseholes who don't want to help you when there's nothing in it for them - or they wouldn't be ignoring your extremely polite messages.

DealForTheKids Wed 26-Feb-14 19:28:05

Lady, that's bloody genius!

wowfudge Wed 26-Feb-14 19:47:16

Try it and see if it works. The idea with the mail re-direct is a good one. Tbh I would get an alarm engineer out to check it's all working, give it a service and set the code to something you can remember - don't be surprised if your tenants want to set their own code though. It won't cost a great deal and you'll have the peace of mind it all works correctly.

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