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Over ds' extra football class and dh' being unreliable?

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doublechocchip Tue 25-Feb-14 17:32:48

Kids go to 2 activities a week, both swimming lessons, ds does football and dd does brownies. We had 1 free evening a week, as I work 3, one is full of activities so I used to use this free onr for the children's friends to come round and catch up with homework.

Dh asked if ds could start a extra football on our free evening I originally said no as it wasn't fair for dd, he already does football and it was our only free night and I do all other activity running round so after lots of arguing he promised he would be there in time to take him/drop off. Well it's been 4 weeks and twice he's not been home in time, so either ive taken him or he's rang friends to take him which I specifically didn't want him to do as its not fair on them plus they already help us out with childcare after school one night.

I knew I would be right, he works over an hour away so trying to get home was always going to be hard but he said I was being selfish if I didn't let ds go whereas I said he was as this was his childhood football team and only reason he wanted him to go, ds was quite happy with his other team.

I'm so frustrated I knew this would happen I never ask dh to get home for a particular time, he promised he would. I've got enough on to be taking him to and fro and am 6months pregnant so really don't need extra stuff at the moment, aibu? What do I do?

ll31 Tue 25-Feb-14 17:36:07

U relax and keep on doing same as every other parent does... That's it.

ll31 Wed 26-Feb-14 00:43:02

Actually, I tried as single parent. So yes I think yAnbu to be bit annoyed. However I tthink aactivities your dc like, trump free evening...

ll31 Wed 26-Feb-14 00:43:25

Actually, I tried as single parent. So yes I think yAnbu to be bit annoyed. However I tthink aactivities your dc like, trump free evening...

ll31 Wed 26-Feb-14 00:44:32

Not tried, replied...

holidaysarenice Wed 26-Feb-14 00:46:35

You tell dh to sort it! You don't take him. You don't even ask how its sorted.

If ds is let down, its dh fault, when he sees an upset ds he will work it out. Or else he is a knob.

holidaysarenice Wed 26-Feb-14 00:48:00

oh and if he asks someone else to do it, you offer his services as a free babysitter for an early saturday or a friday/sat night.

Bet he won't ask others so often then.
Its taking the piss to ask your friends when they already help.

Callani Wed 26-Feb-14 11:40:12

YANBU OP - you're allowed to choose what you do with your evenings, and if you're taking your DC to activities 3 (4?) nights a week already you're hardly being a neglectful parent.

Personally I think having 1 free night a week is important for family time and also not-going-crazy time.

Your DH needs to sort it out, and if he can't then the activity gets cancelled. Your DS will be more than happy with 1 football club I'm sure.

Marylou62 Wed 26-Feb-14 12:21:15

When my DCs were younger we ran around like blue arsed flies with surf club, brownies, football, rugby, dance clubs, karate etc etc etc. My 10 year old DC3 came down with a mystery illness. Glandular fever like.(I think she was exhausted) We stopped most clubs except surf club (live near sea) and the boys football which DH took to. Do you know, they didn't miss them!!! They played out more (very lucky as on small estate), had friend for tea. Sometimes they were even bored! Get off the hamster wheel! OP I agree its too much.

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