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AIBU to think this is a good idea

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trampstamp Tue 25-Feb-14 12:21:49

Just watching daily politics and there talking about emergency services sharing sites

Seeing as they often attend the same call outs AIBU to think this is a really good idea

They have it in the US and most countries

I am not a labour fan will never vote for them but do feel this is a good idea

I wonder What would be the issue why it would be a good idea

Quoteunquote Tue 25-Feb-14 12:23:48

Sharing sites? as in the places they are based?

trampstamp Tue 25-Feb-14 13:06:37

Yes to save money and hopefully time it takes for both or all three to attend calls

Often I do know that the paramedics or fire won't attend certain. Calls with out police

Or may be I have this totally wrong and there's a good reason why it would work them sharing sites

Quoteunquote Tue 25-Feb-14 17:03:29

It wouldn't work where I live (rural community), because the fire station is on a small plot, handily on a roundabout and junction.

the ambulances come from about 15 miles away from the nearest hospital,(which has a fire station right next to it anyway),

and our police station is mainly the CID department for the area, the police cars come from another town about ten miles away,

If we "put" them all together, all that would happen is we would lose our fire station, and it would be totally pointless as far as mixing the police and ambulance service.

the coast guard is better left where it is on the coast.

It would never work anywhere rural, and would be a fairly stupid thing to else where as it is a "all your eggs in one basket situation"

It would cost far more money to set up than you would ever save.

Nomama Tue 25-Feb-14 18:00:29

Well, I'd have to agree that the coastguards is best left where he is smile

I live very rurally and ours seem to share laybys, flyovers and along country lanes, field entrances. A friend is a paramedic and he says one service gets the call and they confirm who will be attending with them. They seem to accidentally choose laybys with good burger vans grin

So, say the paramedic is called, he asks questions, maybe contacts the caller, decides if fire/rescue or ambo's are immediately necessary and off they all go. He occasionally gets a 2s and blues from the area car = if one of the two we have to cover a HUGE area on the border of England and Wales is nearby.

We still have separate stations but a good proportion of the fast response vehicles are deployed around the county/motorway junctions and it seems to work well. I suppose if there was a new build it would make sense to consider it.

DCexpat Tue 25-Feb-14 22:13:13

They don't do this in the part of the US that I am from. Fire and ambulance might share sights in some places, but police are completely separate.

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