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To ask how I can get rid of the Penguin bollard ads?

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4PlusMum Tue 25-Feb-14 09:34:13

They are everywhere and it's getting creepy!

lionheart Tue 25-Feb-14 10:31:31

I think they are attracted by your cookies. You need to clear them away. wink

BeautifulBlondePineapple Tue 25-Feb-14 10:38:28

Google scientology and they will take over your ads & replace the penguins!

Nah - just clear your cookies.

StarGazeyPond Tue 25-Feb-14 11:25:04

Or use Adblocker, then you won't get ANY adverts smile

4PlusMum Tue 25-Feb-14 14:20:59

I have no idea how to clear my cookies?

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