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AIBU to be worried about using Shiply to find an international removal firm?

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indieakka Mon 24-Feb-14 17:00:56

I hope that IABU, as their prices really are good compared to some quotes we've received, but it all seems a little unknown and potentially open to being scammed... Does anyone have any good or bad Shiply experiences to share which could help me make up my mind whether to book a removal through them or not? Obviously the experiences will vary according to exactly who people have used through the site, but anything people could share would be great. Thanks!

pootlebug Mon 24-Feb-14 17:04:04

Shiply are just a broker, so even if someone else has had a good experience with them doesn't mean you will as it will probably be a different supplier.

You may get a cheaper quote because the people doing removals are also sending other stuff in the same direction at the same time. Or they may just have lower margins than others. Or they may cut corners.

Check out the reviews of the suppliers really carefully. Chat to the supplier about insurance etc and double check what exactly is included in their quote. I'm pretty sure there's a trade association for removers - check if they are members.

I've used shiply movers a number of times for bits of furniture etc with no problems.

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