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To ask you to say something nice?

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ToniViolin Mon 24-Feb-14 14:55:10

I resolved to say all the nice things I thought. So if I see a woman with an immaculate blow dry or fab jumper, instead of being shy, I tell her she looks ace.

So if you think 'oh, that's a cool thing' over the next few days, complimenting the person out loud would be a lovely thing to do, wouldn't it?

I do like to see a smiley person.

What did you last compliment someone on? smile

Tuhlulah Mon 24-Feb-14 14:57:05

The last thing I said to a stranger was whisper in a young man's ear as I left the tube, 'Your zip's undone.'
I have sometimes paid a compliment to a stranger but got rather bewildered glances.

Bettercallsaul1 Mon 24-Feb-14 14:57:21

I think this is a lovely idea, OP, and would like to compliment you on starting this thread!

Anonymai Mon 24-Feb-14 14:58:56

I did this once. Complimented a woman's hair. Got asked if I was a lesbian hmm

Burren Mon 24-Feb-14 14:59:38

Their latest novel in proof, and I was lying because it was too late in the publication process to start making criticisms or suggestions. This friend is very good, but this book is extremely, desperately dark and far more nakedly autobiographical than she thinks it is, despite being historical.

I don't do 'your hair looks nice' type compliments, really. I'm sure people's hair looks lovely, but I think there's enough inane chitchat in the word.

Yes, I am a right ray of sunshine.

Bettercallsaul1 Mon 24-Feb-14 15:00:12

Well, that was very useful information, Tuhlulah even though It may not have been complimentary.

gamerchick Mon 24-Feb-14 15:01:47

I read that as 'immaculate blow job' twice and couldn't make it conpute grin

i do that anyway.. I like to dish out a compliment, it makes peoples eyes shiny.

Bettercallsaul1 Mon 24-Feb-14 15:03:30

Reading these replies, I think I am definitely doing the safer thing by making my compliments online rather than in person...

Waltonswatcher1 Mon 24-Feb-14 15:15:06

I promise that in doing this we will all embarrass our kids .Aparently talking to strangers is down right odd and desperate .

HerrenaHarridan Mon 24-Feb-14 15:15:49

I do this all the time but if you want me to consiously do it more and tell you about it I can do smile

Tuhlulah Mon 24-Feb-14 15:20:52

"By the way -your zips undone. You have a very attractive penis."
Will that do for you, Better?

RuleBritannia Mon 24-Feb-14 15:21:09

Anonymai I complimented a woman's hair last year. I have lots of thick hair and it's sometimes hard to control. I was at a fair with a friend last year and saw someone with a lovely 'lots of hair up' style. I still haven't mastered it ......

Joysmum Mon 24-Feb-14 15:26:23

I'm another one who likes paying compliments to people. You choose your people wisely and hopefully brighten their day.

ahlahktuhflomp Mon 24-Feb-14 15:29:21

I did this sort of thing once and was nearly attacked by a man for it. Will still give it a go again, though :D

everythinghippie29 Mon 24-Feb-14 15:42:28

This is a nice idea and I am going to try despite being desperately shy!

Birdsgottafly Mon 24-Feb-14 15:48:00

I don't notice other peoples appearance, tbh.

I only pick up on body odour and do my best to avoid.

It would annoy me that a stranger saw fit to reduce me to how I looked and thought I needed to be told that I look nice to feel happy.

I do usually bother about my appearance but it isn't the be all and end all and if I am really busy, how I look certainly doesn't alter the way I feel, someone pointing it out, certainly wouldn't.

Are you going to do the same to Men?

StupidMistakes Mon 24-Feb-14 15:50:32

My best friend on how nice her bum looked in a certain outfit <we have the sort of relationship where this is entirely appropriate>

DavenotChas Mon 24-Feb-14 15:55:36

Last week I told a lady in McDonalds how beautifully her children had behaved while she was in the so long it was beyond a joke queue for their food. Whilst taken aback, she was very pleased and it made me feel all gooey inside smile

gamerchick Mon 24-Feb-14 15:59:52

i was in aldi once with my autistic son and he was having one mega shit fit all the way around. I counted many cats bums.. heard many tuts and ignored so many glares i was on the verge of tears.

Outside, a lady came up to me and said she really admired the way that I had handled my son and gave me a well done.

I could have blubbed on the spot I was so taken aback.

It's nice to give a compliment.

ToniViolin Mon 24-Feb-14 16:02:55

I do the same to everyone smile

I've never had a bad response, I made a new 'man friend' by complimenting his lovely jumper, made a woman's day because she was going off on a blind date and I told her she looked lovely, and the lady with the blow dry was on the way to an interview so was really pleased her hair looked nice.

I generally tell people I like their bag, or nail varnish, or whatever, so it is usually women though smile

I would say that I can't believe that someone would find a way to complain about giving compliments but this is AIBU, so I totally can believe it grin

Today I also had a conversation with a random woman in her late 80s about how her first husband was an arsehole and the second one was nice and she buys a lot of cheap chocolate for visitors but keeps posh chocs in the cupboard for herself. I did admire her style grin

Birdsgottafly Mon 24-Feb-14 16:04:42

I agree with compliments about behaviour, or manners etc, but not appearance from strangers.

It sort of makes me wonder if those giving the compliments are the judgy arseholes on threads around overweight people, scrutinising shopping, eating etc.

HappySeven Mon 24-Feb-14 16:05:27

I always pass on a compliment at work as in if I hear someone say something good about someone's work I tend to tell them next time I see them. I figure it shows it's sincere if someone is complimenting you behind your back and I like to pass that on.

canyourearme Mon 24-Feb-14 16:06:06

A customernon her coat at the weekend.

ToniViolin Mon 24-Feb-14 16:06:18

Burren the last time I read someone's draft novel I avoided them for 3 months and then had to get drunk with them and tell them I didn't want to talk about it grin We are still friends.

canyourearme Mon 24-Feb-14 16:08:21

Only here could offence be taken to being nice. Jeez.

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