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to think my DP REALLY needs to change my contact picture on his mobile!!

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LEMmingaround Wed 19-Feb-14 22:35:35

Because its a picture of my breasts!!! FFS!! I sent a selfie to his phone ages ago and he has set it as my contact picture, so it comes up whenever he calls me.

This is fine, its for his eyes only of course!!

Well yes - until he is at the OOH doctors with my mother, the Dr needs to speak to me to find out what medication my mother is taking.

DP has just came home smirking and chuckling to himself - the doctor spoke to me on DP's mobile, while i would have been there on the screen in all my norkish glory shockgrinblush

I have to say, it cheered me up as my mother has been a real problem but thats another thread - he still need a nice face pic of me as a contact picture!!!

StickEmUpBigStyle Thu 20-Feb-14 20:18:56


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