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to have a moan about this...

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bettybigballs Wed 19-Feb-14 20:06:01

And if IABU, is there anything i can do to get point across and stop this from happening?

I'm fed up with DH not taking care of anything that isn't directly his. Anything that is his directly (mainly to do with his hobby or his tablet) is treated with kid gloves lined with angel tears.

Anything of mine or the families however is treated with a heavy hand. I'm getting fed up with it.

Last night DH cooked, he was using a saute pan that my auntie bought for me for a milestone birthday (sad i know but i love cooking) he was using a sharp knife to move the food around in it during cooking (rather than a spoon / spatula type thing) and tonight i've realised he scratched the shit out of it. This is after i caught him cutting up cardboard boxes with our one really good knife (the scissors are next to the knife in the drawer).

In the last month he's broken the iron by knocking it off the ironing board, a brand new vacuum cleaner as he tipped the box upside down onto the stone floor when he was unpacking it, smashed a porcelain salad bowl I adored, chipped most of our new plates by banging them around and fucked the printer by yanking out a bit of it that doesn't come out.

I know it's only material items but they all mean something to me or are useful to me and I'm fed up of having the same conversation over and over again asking him to be more careful with things. His stock response is that he's in a rush or the item should be studier.

He's ruined countless jumpers / wool dresses etc because 'everything should be ok to wash at 60, it's fine'

I'm so bored of the conversation and it's clearly not being heard.

mumminio Wed 19-Feb-14 21:04:06

Excellent, I get to choose between new pans or new implements smile This is the best thread ever!

zipzap Wed 19-Feb-14 22:52:10

As soon as I discovered he'd done something like this, I would ask him to go and get one of his expensive bits of kit for me to look at, then I'd look at it very carefully using the sharp knife and metal tools to handle it while he was watching, with an explanation as to how you think it's only fair that as he persists in treating your precious items so heavy handedly despite being asked not to, he obviously doesn't understand what you are saying (deliberately or inadvertently) or forgets. So you have decided to explain it to him in terms that he will understand - namely that if he scratches your pans that is like you attacking his [precious thing] like this - and going for it. If he manages to stop you the hold it ransom until he manages to replace your stuff or gives you free rein to replace stuff and realises the seriousness of his actions - and realises that future transgressions will also have consequences!

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