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to thank the nhs..

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ChrisMooseAlbanians Wed 19-Feb-14 19:56:42

..because I've come to the end of a very long road today.
Thanks to the nhs, after seventy million operations ok, exaggerating, I have two reconstructed ears! I was born without any. Bullied because of it. And thanks to two lovely doctors, they've rectified it, and now I can wear sunglasses properly!

Thankyou Nhs smile

justmyview Wed 19-Feb-14 20:18:29

That's lovely, if the weather improves a bit, you might even get to wear your new glasses outdoors smile

DorothyGherkins Wed 19-Feb-14 20:22:44

Ear ear!! There are lots of bits of NHS you could grumble about, but when it works well, it is truly amazing. I m just musing, I ve never really thought about having ears, I ve just taken them for granted. Tomorrow, Chrismoose, I shall have anl Ear Ceebration in your honour. It will involve cake. Enjoy the ears.

HesterShaw Wed 19-Feb-14 20:26:53

They are amazing. In fact you have just galvanised me into writing a thank you letter to the lovely, lovely nurses at the Assisted Conception unit we've been going to for the last eleventy billion two years. They were so kind and patient. It wasn't their fault it didn't work.

Katrina and Debbie - you are ace.

HesterShaw Wed 19-Feb-14 20:27:24

PS Hurrah for sunglasses! Will you even be wearing them inside? grin

Bagofnutsnbolts Wed 19-Feb-14 20:32:54

So glad to ear it! Brilliant news. And what a lovely post. This deserves cake and fine wine

KissesBreakingWave Wed 19-Feb-14 20:33:59

Yep, the NHS is the best thing about this country bar none. I went for a referral for surgery on an old injury in October. I'm a week into recovery now. Feels like it's worked, too.

HectorVector Wed 19-Feb-14 20:34:24

I wonder if Mumsnet can give us an ear emoticon to celebrate the event?

HectorVector Wed 19-Feb-14 20:34:58


CaptainTripps Wed 19-Feb-14 20:37:07

Fabulous news. Well done you!

CoffeeTea103 Wed 19-Feb-14 20:38:40

Great news! Congrats smile

anin85 Wed 19-Feb-14 20:39:05

what a great thread!!
fantastic news!!

Hotmad Wed 19-Feb-14 20:40:42

The nhs were magnificent for me recently when I gave birth to my lovely daughter. The midwives were superb.

IslaMann Wed 19-Feb-14 20:41:04

Thank you for this thread, from a plastic and reconstructive surgery nurse. Nice to have a praising one instead of the usual NHS bashing. Congratulations on your new ears.

HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs Wed 19-Feb-14 20:41:28

Happy New Ears! I love the NHS!

SueDoku Wed 19-Feb-14 21:12:53

What a lovely thread... smile Congrats on your new look flowers

ChrisMooseAlbanians Wed 19-Feb-14 21:17:19

islamann if yyou work in London, it's highly likely I have met you grin

Thanks ladies. Can't pierce them unfortunately due to risk of infection!

But I shall treat myself to some really posh and really eexpensive, sunglasses grin

Chippednailvarnish Wed 19-Feb-14 21:47:29

I'm sure your doctors would love to hear how happy you are - drop them a line!

And you can get fab diamond clip on earrings...

AtYourCervix Wed 19-Feb-14 21:50:13

Loads of non-pierced earrings and not one but 17 pairs of pretty sunglasses.

Hurrah for ears!!!!

HesterShaw Wed 19-Feb-14 21:57:34

Love the idea of an ear emoticon grin

MrsSippie Wed 19-Feb-14 22:02:10

I was born with one ear and my daughter too! I guess you had rib reconstruction? So amazing isn't it? I had horrible plastic surgery that failed. So glad for you .

Fakebook Wed 19-Feb-14 22:06:29

Glad to see someone ear-preciate the NHS for once grin.

Fannydabbydozey Wed 19-Feb-14 22:07:03

Amazing. That is just so brilliant. So happy for you.

The NHS is incredible and we should do all we can to save it. Without it I would have died in childbirth, I would have died when I was four! They were incredible when my son was so ill (well a certain hospital in stevenage wasn't so good but great Ormond street was incredible and their aftercare has been nothing but brilliant)

There are no words to thank the NHS. We all know people who have been saved or we've had our lives saved or changed for the better. Yes there are bad bits, but on the whole it is bloody amazing.

Fannydabbydozey Wed 19-Feb-14 22:08:30

P.s as a sunglasses addict I can highly recommend TK Maxx for great sunglasses at kind prices! Get down there girl.

Tiredtomybones Wed 19-Feb-14 22:13:56

Brilliant! Enjoy the sunglasses. I love the NHS - nothing but praise for it from me.

RoseLavenderBlue Wed 19-Feb-14 22:20:57

Brilliant, congratulations!

I have a lot to thank the NHS for as well, they saved my life three years ago when I had severe HELLP syndrome. They looked after my PFB for his short but precious life and delivered my DS2 safely last year when I developed complications during ELCS. I wrote to thank the consultant after and he replied to thank me for my letter of appreciation. So nice to know he appreciated me thanking him, I'm sure not many people write but it is important that these brilliant people are not taken for granted.

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