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To expect a playdate to mean playing not staring at a screen

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PhoebeMcPeePee Wed 19-Feb-14 19:19:25

My DC were at friends for tea today for a total of 3 hours & bar a short break for tea spent the entire time playing on a DS/iPad/laptop or watching TV confused
AIBU to think if you invite a child over to play there should be at least some (if not all in the case of youngest age 4) actually playing hmm. Both now completely wired & grumpy not to mention annoyed at me because I won't let them watch some tv as agreed earlier in the day. Would it be really rude to ask a parent not to allow screen time when I drop off?

changeforthebetter Thu 27-Feb-14 07:46:57

Oh dear! We had kids round to play yesterday. The TV went on and then the Wii. It was dark, cold, wet and the kids were tired. I would be grateful someone had looked after my kids for three hours (as long as it wasn't CoD or GTA5). You sound a bit bonkers precious.

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