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AIBU - Empty nest syndrome? no chance! lighthearted

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mrssnodge Wed 19-Feb-14 17:21:44

My Ds 21 has just moved out this week, and AIBU not feeling sadness? He is the last of my 3DC to go, the elder DD's moved 5 and 3 yrs ago. I feel intense relief, even though I adore him, i just feel proud I have raised 3 healthy, normal Dcs, who have all work, own houses, cars etc-
They all visit regular and both DD's have babies 6 mnths and 3mths so Im kept so busy with a very stressfull full time job, and weekends babysitting , dc and partners visiting, seeing my parents, -( seperately as divorced)trying to get time alone with DP and also have DP daughter everyweekend! No time to be sad, no time for bloody anything apart from wonder when are we gonna have time for ourselves-All that and Im only 46 - Empty nest- nah just a spare bedroom to keep more junk !!

ROARmeow Wed 19-Feb-14 18:13:08

Have a wine

My mum is in a similar position and loving it!

YouTheCat Wed 19-Feb-14 18:16:16

Would you like a 19 year old lodger? grin

EatShitDerek Wed 19-Feb-14 18:17:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Procrastinating Wed 19-Feb-14 18:23:36

Were you sad when the DDs moved out?

StrawberryCheese Wed 19-Feb-14 18:28:05

That certainly deserves a wine

My mum wishes she was in your shoes, she is 60 and still has my 23yo DB living with her! No sign of any movement in the near future. She's too soft smile

squeakytoy Wed 19-Feb-14 18:30:33

hahahaha... ours came back in their late 20's and we have a houseful again now.. enjoy the peace while it lasts..

mrssnodge Thu 20-Feb-14 09:15:37

this weekends update- have got SDD (14 )staying fri -sun as normal, with her friend sleeping too on sat night & I have DGD (3mnths) on Sat morn while her mam gets her hair done,& on Sat night I have DGS 6 mths to stay the night! When will it be my time??? Sunday Im gonna lock the doors, switch off phone and pretend Im out!!!!!! Thought once I had brought up the kids my work would be done and I could be free to swan about,doing as I pleased- oh no Its hectic!!

BiddyPop Thu 20-Feb-14 09:30:47

My 66 year old DM still doesn't have an empty nest. There were a couple of years while the boys were in boarding school and girls in Uni, that she had mid weeks term time to herself. Then, she managed to get 6 months or so of all moved out but just lots of weekend visiting, before 1 DSis had to move back home. She stayed 3 years, and moved out as both were finding it hard to deal with each other as adults. Then another DSis moved back in, who lived at home for a year, away mid weeks for another school year, and now FT back home for the past 2 years. Dear GOD, they can't deal with each other. And DDad just retired, so is under her feet all day too. It's very uncomfortable visiting given the venom between them all now. But DSis living there seems to hate it, still treat it as mum's job to housekeep etc, and treats he like a doormat but wouldn't consider moving out as she is soooo broke (has a great social life though!).

I was joint first to leave, term times. And never moved back once I finished Uni (had to live at home final year, but worked FT and studied so never there), and moved to a different city the weekend I finished exams for work. I am looking forward with longing to when dd moves out, and she's 8!

BeckAndCall Thu 20-Feb-14 09:34:56

Wow, mrsnodge, that's quite some going at only 46! You should enjoy the few days a week of down time you get!

I'm the exact opposite - the 2 eldest are both boomeranging back next year after living away just as the youngest goes off to uni. Am ever so slightly jealous of the idea of some time rattling around the house ( just joking kids, if you're reading this. not! )

mrssnodge Thu 20-Feb-14 10:10:54

The thing this, I got married really young at 18 and have never had a time without kids, EXH never sees DC or DGCS but thats his loss! I really thought once the kids were grown up, Il still be young to have life after they leave home- oh no- Dgcs came along, whom, I love to bits, and what with SDD (and friends) , its just as busy as when all 3 dcs lived at home- maybe a bit less washing! Full time job keeps me busy all day then I crash on an evening with well desserved glass of wine!

Kerosene Thu 20-Feb-14 10:23:52

My mum redecorated my room and turned it into an office within a week of me leaving for uni grin
When it looked like I might have to move back in because of work problems, we had to have a serious sit-down conversation on the division of labour and wine purchasing rota because she "wasn't having all that again"

Looking at older family members, my gran is very defensive of her space. Possibly because my dad didn't leave home until he was 35.

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