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aibu to make a complaint? re: ASD Report,

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NaggingNellie Wed 19-Feb-14 09:44:08

I have posted this on chat but kind of realised its a little bit AIBU too,
and here has more traffic,
still feeling raw please be sensitive,
apologies in advance its a bit long.

DarlingGrace Wed 19-Feb-14 10:01:45

I'm sorry, but you are the one cherry picking reasons not to take him to school and you have no excuse for not ringing the school out of courtesy to say you will be absent.

Ringing up in February to apologise for missing an apt at Christmas? really?

Unless you have a 1920's silver X, prams and buggies these days are so light they can be lifted with one hand. I don't buy into being unable to get down the stairs if the weather is bad.

You must have agreed to outside agencies coming to assess your child. These notifications and requests are done in writing.

These sorts of thing are two way - if you really want to move and improve his attendance, you need the school to buy into this and back your application for new housing. If you persist in ostracising them, they won't help you.

BlackDaisies Wed 19-Feb-14 10:07:25

Have read your post in chat. I think you need to put everything in writing but be clear and to rhetorically point. I would send an email and cc everyone involved including school. I would start by saying you largely agree with the diagnosis apart from the toilet training.

Then explain that you are very willing to engage in feedback and meetings. Say that when you rang in November that you were told you were not on the list to be invited. Mention that there have been appointments in school that you have been unaware of and that in future you would like to be informed of these in writing so that you can be involved.

Then I would agree that your ds's attendance has been poor at times due to you living several floors up that you are unable to negotiate at times. ( Are you waiting for help with this? Mention it if you are).

I would finish by saying that you are glad your ds's problems are being taken seriously at last as this is something you have been actively fighting to get recognised. Ask what they suggest you do next in order to support them as you are keen to work with them to support your son.

Hope you are ok. Take a deep breath. Getting your views down in writing and politely will be key here.

BlackDaisies Wed 19-Feb-14 10:08:30

Sorry for typos! to the point

NaggingNellie Wed 19-Feb-14 10:24:52

Thankyou black daisies, for a sensible post, yes i am not letting my feelings run away with me and am not making any call etc anything like that all in writing, my mum works in this area and will be reading the letter and giving pointers if she has any.

People are forgetting i dont like the poor attendance, i have hobbled him to school on a sprained ankle before, etc i do value school attendance,

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