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' I just used my boobs to get out of a speeding ticket' Aibu to be surprised that women are still doing this and police officers are still falling for it?

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shoppingbagsundereyes Wed 19-Feb-14 09:13:16

Two Facebook friends in just a week have posted this as their status. I was really surprised that a. This still works and b. Women are prepared to flaunt their assets to get off a fine.

Tikketyboo Wed 19-Feb-14 09:14:35

It's a FB game ;)

kimlo Wed 19-Feb-14 09:16:24

a male friend of mine posted it, he cant drive.

no idea what its about.

diddl Wed 19-Feb-14 09:16:39

Is it April 1st?

I think you've been had, OP.

shoppingbagsundereyes Wed 19-Feb-14 09:18:22

Ah is it? What game? Phew was beginning to think that sensible friends had turned into Barbara Windsor in her Carry On days.

MostlyMama Wed 19-Feb-14 09:18:37

Usually on FB those kinds of status are a game to do with breast cancer awareness.

Lj8893 Wed 19-Feb-14 09:19:55

Yes I've seen several of these statuses in the last couple of weeks, from men aswell.

Tikketyboo Wed 19-Feb-14 09:25:48

Oh no ! you shouldn't have liked or commented on my status - now you have to pick one 1 Damned diarrhea 2 Just used my boobs to get out of a speeding ticket 3 Any one got a tampon I'm desperate 4 How do I get rid of foot fungus 5 Why is no one around when I'm horny 6 No toilet paper,good bye socks. Post with no explanation.Please be a good sport. Sorry I fell for it to lol x This is the message you receive if you comment on one of the status's not really sure of the purpose?!?

Sallyingforth Wed 19-Feb-14 09:26:09

You are BU and gullible to accept that something on FB must be true.

ThedementedPenguin Wed 19-Feb-14 09:26:24

It's not a breast cancer awareness thing. My aunt put up she was considering getting a tattoo, I commented so got an email saying I had to pick from a list of crap to put as my status. I refused.

It's a game. Usually all that crap is.

Marrow Wed 19-Feb-14 09:28:50

Not seen any of the others but a friend posted the toilet paper/ socks one the other day. The thing is I wasn't surprised by his status and could well imagine him doing that!!!! Didn't realise it was a game!!

mrsjay Wed 19-Feb-14 09:30:10

yeah it is a facebook thing it is annoying as i am so nosey i dont know what it is about ,

princessalbert Wed 19-Feb-14 09:30:20

Ah! I didn't know it was a fb status thing.

I did wonder why Dsis had posted that.

NoArmaniNoPunani Wed 19-Feb-14 09:32:45

Jesus, no wonder younger people are deserting FB if this is the kind of crap their parents are getting up to on there.

mrsjay Wed 19-Feb-14 09:34:30

I think if i posted guff like that my dds would delete and block me from facebook

goldenlula Wed 19-Feb-14 09:55:55

Oh, someone on my fb said the same and I believed it, I have seen the loo roll and socks one. One of my family said they had just got a place on The Cube. I figured that that was one of these games, anyone know?

mrsjay Wed 19-Feb-14 09:59:53

oh somebody i know has got a place on the cube I wonder if it is the same thing I didnt reply though as I thought really YOU on the cube blush

mrsjay Wed 19-Feb-14 10:00:32

maybe it is to see who actually reads statuses and are trying to see how gullible people are which is quite mean really

goldenlula Wed 19-Feb-14 10:11:57

mrsjay my immediate reaction to the person who announced it on fb was exactly the same blush

mrsjay Wed 19-Feb-14 10:19:40

Maybe it is the same fb friend grin

OnIlkleyMoorBahTwat Wed 19-Feb-14 10:33:22

A couple of my FB friends posted the boobs and the horny one a few weeks ago. Didn't realise it was a game, but for the boobs one, I was surprised, because she is ironing board thin, so doesn't really have boobs.

The horny one was from one of DPs friends, and it is the kind of thing he would post anyway.

ElleCloughie Wed 19-Feb-14 10:41:16

I just thought we had the same FB friend! Slightly disappointed.

Latara Wed 19-Feb-14 11:35:31

One of my FB friends put that she used her boobs to get out of a speeding ticket and I believed her (but didn't 'like' or comment). Several other people did though and I'm not surprised because she is just the type of person who actually would try to use her boobs to get out of a speeding ticket.
Actually I wonder why she is my FB friend anyway...

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