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AIBU to think its not 'the nature of my work' if I haven't done it for 7.5 years?

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PavingAnotherRoad Wed 19-Feb-14 00:42:35

Posted here mainly for traffic (but also honest opinions!) as I am stressed about this and can't sleep

Am not currently driving (for last 9 months or so) but employer believes I should have a car/insurance because my contract states 'if the nature of your work requires you to drive you must have a licence etc' and 'when using your car for 'companyname' business the insurance must cover you for business use'.

Some fellow department members doing a similar job (slightly different job title) do need use of a car - however in 7.5 years of employment I have never needed to use my car for business use, and have not had any training for the roles that do occasionally require car use.

AIBU to think I could argue that after 7.5 years and no car use, it is NOT the nature of my work, so I should not need to replace my car/get insured asap for fear of losing my job?

DoJo Wed 19-Feb-14 00:55:23

YANBU - sounds odd that they are suddenly worrying about this when the wording seems to make it clear that this is a necessity only for those who do use their cars for performing their roles.

When you say your employer, do you mean that this is coming from HR? Your manager? It sounds as though someone is underthinking this, so if there is anyone else you could speak to about it then that might be worth a shot. Unless they think you aren't driving because you've been banned or something?

Otherwise I think you need to get details of their position and reasoning in writing and see if you can address any specific issue, such as agreeing to hire a car at your own expense should the need arise for you to perform such duties in the future. Perhaps they just want to be reassured that if the businesses needs change in the future, they will be able to rely on you to be able to step up.

FoxesRevenge Wed 19-Feb-14 01:32:07

I believe it works the other way round that if you do stuff not in your contract it becomes common practice therefore becomes an accepted part of your role I think. In your case they could probably argue that if it's in your role profile you should be ready to do it as and when required no matter how infrequent they request it. I'm sure someone knowledgeable will be along soon.

Monty27 Wed 19-Feb-14 01:34:02

Are your employers going to give you a generous car allowance? No, probably not. How dare they? angry

OnIlkleyMoorBahTwat Wed 19-Feb-14 10:38:45

If you need to drive for work occasionally, they can hire you a car. No need to have one available all the time 'just in case'.

However, if you haven't driven for a while, is there a danger that you will still be competent? Is there a way you can practice occaisionally - any other cars in your household or other close relative?

LouiseAderyn Wed 19-Feb-14 10:57:06

Im not sure that any company can insist you buy and insure a car on the basis that they might want you to use it for work.

They can insist you have a driving licence if your work may involve driving, but unless they are providing a car allowance or a company car they cannot compel you to spend your money on it.

If they need you to drive, they can provide a hire car and insurance themselves.

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