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to think if you live in surrey sussex kent, home counties i spose and you work in the city

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LucyLasticBand Tue 18-Feb-14 08:29:00

you shouldnt complain about the trains!
you want the best of both worlds.

Isabeller Wed 19-Feb-14 00:45:29


please please OP I want to understand but I am completely mystified.

Who are you cross with, what have they done wrong and what do you want them to do instead?

Or have I got the wrong end of the logjam?

NewBeginings Tue 18-Feb-14 18:14:12

Am I allowed to moan about the trains as I live where I was born but have to commute as I can't get a job here?? Not everyone who lives in the Home Counties was born somewhere else you know. And no I don't earn enough to move to london!

Calloh Tue 18-Feb-14 16:22:53

I think I sort of know what you mean a little bit OP.

Do you mean that you can't move to somewhere green and lovely with a commute and complain about the commute and stop other houses being built on the green loveliness?

I slightly agree with you regarding the green. If you have children, plan on living over eighty etcetera than you are contributing to the shortage of housing and so shouldn't be too crazily reactionary about new developments - is this what you meant by out at 90?

The thing is with commutes - they are unpleasant and crazily expensive. If you pay a lot for a service and it is not how you want than you should use your power as a consumer to try and change it.

Villagers are free to sell their houses or not. If they sell them they can choose to sell them to whomever they choose, they don't have to sell to the highest price. But if they do sell to someone from London that person does not lose their right to complain about shitty train services.

ilovesooty Tue 18-Feb-14 15:51:20

Over 200 posts and it's still incompreh ensible in terms of the OP's attempts to construct an argument.

PerpendicularVince Tue 18-Feb-14 15:28:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NCISaddict Tue 18-Feb-14 14:05:54

The trouble is with opinions is 'they're like arseholes, every bugger has one' regardless of whether they are well thought out and reasonable.

Not sure how my family fit in, I moved from Dorset to London, then to Surrey, now Hampshire. Both DH and I commuted to London for a while, now only he does. He moans about the trains quite frequently. We rent our house, where do we fit in your 'opinion'?

vestandknickers Tue 18-Feb-14 13:32:23

OP I'm an incomer. We used to live in London but moved out when we wanted to start a family. We wanted access to better schools, countryside and a nice big garden. My DH still commutes because he wouldn't have found an equivalent job where we are. I work locally and my children go to local schools. We spend our money locally, support independent shops and I am a very active fundraiser for both my childrens' schools. In short we contribute to our adopted community.

My DH does complain about the trains because he spends thousands a year to get to work and the service is appalling. If he gets delayed by an hour or more on the way home (which he frequently does) he misses seeing his younger children that day because they are in bed. That is not a situation he should just be expected to accept without complaint.

I'm not sure where I stand on your hate-o-meter because your arguments are so woolly and badly thought out, but maybe you should think about the real families at the receiving end of your ravings. We are not just a homogenous group of leeches and moaners as you seem to imply.

Kaekae Tue 18-Feb-14 13:24:48

What a pathetic thing to say. My DP pays thousands of pounds to commute and like others have said he can't even get a seat on the train/tube. He faces delays EVERY single day due to a train fault or similar which means he usually isn't home until 8pm. We do live in Surrey, but the reason we ended up here is because of the extortionate house prices in London. I think you live in some sort of deluded world!!

TobyLerone Tue 18-Feb-14 13:19:23

Me too. She's very funny on twitter.

Chippednailvarnish Tue 18-Feb-14 13:15:43

I luffs Katie, especially the way her eyes bulge out of her head, the more faux controversy she spouts.

TobyLerone Tue 18-Feb-14 12:57:41

grin chipped. You're right. Katie is more articulate.

BehindLockNumberNine Tue 18-Feb-14 12:57:00

Obviously I should leave Surrey out as that is obvious commuter land

Erm... no it isn't exclusively commuter land.

Out of mine and dh's extensive circle of both friends and family that live here in Surrey NOT ONE of us commutes into London.

And we don't complain about the trains. But if I received shocking service I would.

scantilymad Tue 18-Feb-14 12:55:56

in order to avoid everyone finishing up as their own grandfathers

I think it may have already been suggested that this could be the root of all OP's problems smile

Chippednailvarnish Tue 18-Feb-14 12:55:01

toby that really was uncalled for.

What has poor Katie "rent a gobshite" Hopkins ever done to you?


kungfupannda Tue 18-Feb-14 12:49:25

But everyone who ever moves anywhere ever is an incomer.

By that logic, everyone should stay in the village they were born in, regardless of whether there's a job for them, and marry someone within easy walking distance, and keep a careful record of who's related to who, in order to avoid everyone finishing up as their own grandfathers.

TobyLerone Tue 18-Feb-14 12:48:34

i am outspoken and no one dares agree with me

You are Katie Hopkins and I claim my £5.

MothratheMighty Tue 18-Feb-14 12:44:56

's it really because
i am wrong
i am old

or i am outspoken
and no one dares agree with me'

It's because you are wrong.
If I pay for a service, I expect it to be as written. I don't understand why that is a problem. If I pay for a ticket, I expect the train to run as timetabled, unless there is a sudden, unforseeable problem.
This is why travelling on the trains was always a disaster when I was with my grandfather, he was used to Edwardian and pre-war services and would never plan for delays or cancellations.
I am old, and by the gods, I truly miss British Rail.

FreddieStarrAteMyHamster Tue 18-Feb-14 12:41:35

I think... Op is saying she doesn't want "incomers" spoiling her home town, pushing up prices, etc. And 'they' should ideally all move back/be contained in London. If people must move out of the overcrowded London slums that Op is proposing, then they should not complain about the commute. Or summat...

PatriciaHolm Tue 18-Feb-14 12:34:44

I think OP thinks "outspoken" means "i shout loudest because I know I am right and you are all afraid to call a spade a spade"

Maybe you are outspoken, though I don't think any of us are really sure about what.

MySweetPrince Tue 18-Feb-14 12:33:42

Isn't it half term this week? hmm

Finola1step Tue 18-Feb-14 12:25:58

Oh chipped I do hope you are right.

Lucy, you are entitled to your opinion. When you state your opinion on a public forum, others are entitled to agree or disagree. You have had a resounding YABU. That does not mean that you have to change your opinion. It simply means that you are in the minority. So, others are not afraid to agree with you. Other posters simply see the flaws in your argument.

WeAreDetective Tue 18-Feb-14 12:23:03

I'm still not certain about what it is I would be agreeing with!

ilovechips Tue 18-Feb-14 12:21:49

OP, what is wrong with complaining about poor service? Do you always accept poor service without complaint? Disclaimer - I am not a commuter but don't see the problem with anyone complaining about poor service! But then I only live in hampshire, which wasn't on your list! ;)

Bahhhhhumbug Tue 18-Feb-14 12:17:26

I used to feel similar hatred angst towards the feckers who insisted on buying the big fuck off houses overlooking fields and a golf course across the road from them (no houses) and next door to a large teaching hospital. Then they would complain and campaign bitterly for double yellow lines opposite so no-one would park and obliterate their view. Hospital staff who cant get in the hospital car park have always parked along this road and the hospital has been there for about a hundred years.
Grrrr - OP I feel your pain - they knew the score when they moved in just like your commuters.

DoctorDonnaNoble Tue 18-Feb-14 12:15:29

It's not that we don't dare agree with you. It's that we don't agree with you.

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