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To ask what's your guilty pleasure?

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lessonsintightropes Tue 18-Feb-14 00:52:06

Mine is to go to bed with a glass of wine, light a Yankee candle (Midnight Jasmine presently) and read for an hour. I also managed to watch the whole of season 2 of House of Cards this weekend whilst DH was catching up with work. We also had Dominos for dinner this evening blush. Too tame for words I know - what's yours?

Jolleigh Tue 18-Feb-14 00:57:48

Getting a 'meal' of starters from the Chinese. Lots of dim sum, duck with pancakes, salt and pepper squid...delicious! And even better with a cheeky G&T

Anonymai Tue 18-Feb-14 00:59:10

Mine is breaking bad. Walter White <wipes drool> Food wise it's egg mayo sandwiches. I could eat them every day all day.

Jolleigh Tue 18-Feb-14 01:06:03

Ooh! Egg mayo and tomato sandwiches with salad cream. Beautiful! grin

lessonsintightropes Tue 18-Feb-14 01:08:35

Oh crispy fried chilli beef straight out of the carton and Haribo for pudding... I'd forgotten about food...

DrewsWife Tue 18-Feb-14 01:10:14

Mine is rubber stamps and inks, glitter and ribbons. I am a crafter and I lovvvveeeeee. The postman dropping in a parcel here n there.

carolinecordery Tue 18-Feb-14 01:11:23

A family-size tiramisu all to myself, and lapping up every second of American Idol, and crying at it.

squeakytoy Tue 18-Feb-14 01:16:51

Shoes and boots..

MauriceMinor Tue 18-Feb-14 01:21:06

When DH is working late or away I don't cook a proper dinner for myself - I eat bits of whatever I fancy. Cheese and crackers with a bag of popcorn and a G&T the other night. Sometimes I'll just have ice-cream, then maybe a few fish fingers. Yum.

butterfliesinmytummy Tue 18-Feb-14 01:22:40

Nail varnish and driving with the sunroof open and disco music playing loudly when the weather is good.....

butterfliesinmytummy Tue 18-Feb-14 01:23:21

Oh and the American series of The Bachelor.

trufflesnuffler Tue 18-Feb-14 01:26:34

ordering catalogues online to an ex flatmate who I despise with the name 'ugly bignose' when translated in her language grin

Monty27 Tue 18-Feb-14 01:29:45

A few beers and an Indian takeaway smile Bliss

ChubbyKitty Tue 18-Feb-14 01:47:47

Trufflegrin I love it!!

I make cheesy scrambled eggs in a jug in the microwave and then flop the whole lump of egginess into a sandwich.

It's also nice if you put in a slice of that plastic cheese and some ketchup.

Monty27 Tue 18-Feb-14 01:49:13

Off to the kitchen shock

puntasticusername Tue 18-Feb-14 02:02:13


Salad cream? Salad cream?



It is an abomination

Now go and sit in the corner and think about what you did.

trufflehunterthebadger Tue 18-Feb-14 02:03:18

Getting loads of free or nearly free groceries. Got a huge amount of pleasure today when 20 minutes facebook /internet faffing got rewarded with vouchers for 4 free pizzas, two vouchers for 250ml glasses of wine with no restrictions in local eaterie and vouchers for two large sundaes at the same place. DH will be having a meal out tomorrow complete with large glass of wine, pudding and coffee for 6.99 each smile

Innogen Tue 18-Feb-14 02:20:12

Orange is the New Black!

Season 2, June 6th!

Grokette Tue 18-Feb-14 02:27:52

Yes to American Idol, and Real Housewives of Atlanta. Only Atlanta mind, I cannot bear the others. Nene and Phaedra are my favourites.

Foodwise, a lovely charry but rare inside steak served with garlic butter. Don't do sweets.

I also devour crime novels. Just read the Vera Stanhope series in a fortnight, they are very good!

recall Tue 18-Feb-14 02:31:15

applying expensive perfume when I'm alone and not going to be in anyone else's company - its just for me.

hot buttered toast and a brew with two sugars and full fat milk

Chottie Tue 18-Feb-14 02:39:14

Any of the RHs TV programmes

Food wise - proper Welsh rabbit with tomatoes followed by 2 solero ice creams and a mug of tea.

Jolleigh Tue 18-Feb-14 02:50:12

(sits in a corner and hangs head in shape as per puntastic's instruction)

Innogen Tue 18-Feb-14 03:13:01

Truffle I love this! When I was a bitter 19 year old dumpee, I signed my ex boyfriend up to every gay porn website subscription I could find.

scantilymad Tue 18-Feb-14 03:52:34

Dance moms, real housewives of Beverley hills, Orange County or episodes make me so happy smile

Spending too much at Dior, Mac and SpaceNK and smuggling new purchases in to the bathroom cabinet.

I think DH is probably well aware of both these secrets actually given I forget to delete the Sky planner or intercept the bank statements!

frogslegs35 Tue 18-Feb-14 03:52:41

90 minute bath full of bubbles, constantly topped up with hot water and my nook, and a locked door - peaceful heaven

Food stuff
Nutella and a spoon

Grated mature Cheddar, chopped spring onion mixed in salad cream eaten on crackers or fresh brown bread.

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