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To not want to watch Frozen now?

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DH is obsessed with the bloody SONG. And the african tribe version which he sent me saying it was "amazing". OK, the singer is talented, but I was unmoved. (Sorry.)

He says everyone is obsessed with the song after they have seen the film. Yet he has watched it alone. I made the mistake of saying that maybe we could watch films like this as a family, because I'm not often moved to watch animated children's films (or any films, really) alone and now he's decided that I can use "my" weekend to decide to watch it altogether. Which I probably will, because he won't choose to watch a film on "his" weekend and DS only wants to play Family Minecraft. hmm

Alibabaandthe40nappies Tue 18-Feb-14 00:00:21

It sounds horrendous grin

Fortunately my DSs aren't remotely interested because it isn't about cars or planes or Lego.

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