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To be Specific....

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Gossipmonster Mon 17-Feb-14 20:22:40

One of admin lady at work's favourite words is "specific" thing is she says "pacific" Every. Fucking. Time.

Another colleague (degree educated) says "she/he done" instead of "did".

I just want to scream - but feel like it's so petty I couldn't possibly say anything.

Anyone else? smile

scantilymad Mon 17-Feb-14 20:28:58

Another one is when people say "your" instead of "you'll" e.g. "Your never believe what xxx has put on FB! etc". That some people even write it as your and not you'll is baffling.

greyslates Mon 17-Feb-14 21:05:24

Argh and those who put 'are' instead of 'our' and 'his' instead of 'he's'

FlockOfTwats Mon 17-Feb-14 21:06:54

Scantily i think that's more often than not an auto correct thing. Because my phone does it.

celebmum Mon 17-Feb-14 21:08:51

I know a specific/pacific'er too... she also says 'azactly' instead of 'exactly'... grin Grrrrrr!

Hoppinggreen Mon 17-Feb-14 21:09:12

"Should of "-aaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggg!!!!

HyvaPaiva Mon 17-Feb-14 21:10:34

Brought when they mean bought. For the love of god that annoys me.

PorkPieandPickle Mon 17-Feb-14 21:11:23

Oh agreed!! And 'will you borrow me something' or the opposite 'I lent it off him' argh!!

DameFanny Mon 17-Feb-14 21:12:32

Kill them

Monmouth Mon 17-Feb-14 21:12:34

May not come up in everyday conversation but men have a prostate gland not a prostrate gland (we all fall down).

DameFanny Mon 17-Feb-14 21:13:03

Tuer leurs

Anonymai Mon 17-Feb-14 21:13:44

I can't bear "here, here!" and the borrow/lend. And hate supernanny for her pronunciation of unacceptable (unasseptable!).

QueenofLouisiana Mon 17-Feb-14 21:13:49

"DS read lovely" or similar are my pet hate. I really want to bring it up with a TA at work, but I would hate to upset her as she is a lovely lady.

DameFanny Mon 17-Feb-14 21:14:13

I worked with a woman who write "should of" on a formal report


mindthegap01 Mon 17-Feb-14 21:18:27

And the damp specialist who came to investigate the leak in our house and described the wall as "sweating profuseably"- WTAF??

LegoCaltrops Mon 17-Feb-14 21:20:15

Yes. All of the above. Someone I know at work does most of these things. She is senior to me and it makes me want to scream.

SueDoku Mon 17-Feb-14 21:25:11

'Axe' instead of 'ask' - and the one that really does my head in, 'nucular' instead of 'nuclear'.......angry

takingthathometomomma Mon 17-Feb-14 21:29:04

"Definitely" written as "defiantly". THEY ARE DIFFERENT WORDS! angry

scantilymad Mon 17-Feb-14 21:34:08


I wish it were but the people I'm thinking of actually say 'your' when speaking too! I have a feeling it's a South London/Essex thing ime.

Kafri Mon 17-Feb-14 21:47:02

Should of and seen instead of seeing as (I'm going to the cinema seeing as it's my day off - just in case it's my dialect)

ballstoit Mon 17-Feb-14 21:52:28

I'm learning ds to ride his bike...nope, you're not, you are TEACHING him (stab, stab, stab) angry

bella411 Mon 17-Feb-14 22:09:11

People who write "carnt" instead of can't. Seriously think what words are being abbreviated!!

And I'm board instead of im bored.

Kafri Mon 17-Feb-14 22:10:49

I dint want to be beside ballstoit - (s)he has a knife and is cross! grin

winkywinkola Mon 17-Feb-14 22:10:57

SKedule instead of sHedule

pictish Mon 17-Feb-14 22:13:21

Been instead of being.
I'm not prone to spelling and grammar nazi-ism...but yeah that one makes me want to clout a person.

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