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To just say No!

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Nobullyinghere Mon 17-Feb-14 13:02:53

namechanged as this could out me.

will give back details so as not to drip feed.

I left my ex husband approx 5 yrs ago because he was bleeding me dry and the stress of his constant wants was making me ill.
I have a new partner now and we have 50/50 residency of the children i have with exh. He diesnt pay maintenance as we have them 50 50. he claims tax credit for dd and child benefit for dd. i am not entitled to tax credits or child benefit for ds.( due to earnings)

DS has come home from school with a letter about a rugby trip to South Africa costing at least £2300. This does not include insurance or meals or spending money. exh has told DS he can go if i pay half. ( should also point out i pay ds school fees) I am on a career break at present and so have no wage coming in although dp puts a generous allowance into my acc and pays all bills and clothing and food etc. I have 2 small children with dp and run my car and pay for fees etc and lessons and pocket money etc out of my allowance (house keeping) i cannot afford to commit to half this amount and im worried about ds going to South Africa..

exh has just phoned giving me dogs abuse because im saying i cant afford it. hes saying i should get DP to pay. I dont agree.
exh saying this is a chance of a lifetime and im ruining his rugby career etc etc etc.

i wint be bullied so im want to say NO. AIBU?

Lemonfairydust Mon 17-Feb-14 17:28:44

Wow, that's alot for a school trip sounds like a crazy amount. Really don't think it's unreasonable of you to say you can't afford to just shell out for something so expensive.

Tbh it sounds like your Ex is using it as another way of manipulating DS against you and probably isn't as bothered about it being the 'trip of a lifetime' as he claims, as he knows it will make you look bad in DS's eyes.

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