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to feel sorry for the penguin bollard manufacturer?

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MardyBra Mon 17-Feb-14 10:40:26

Presumably every time their ad pops up on a MNer's screen, they're getting charged for it.

I know they got lots of free advertising from the thread, but it's hardly targetted is it?

Maybe someone should contact them and let them know.

FrankelInFoal Mon 17-Feb-14 10:44:50

They might not be on a pay per view, but they sure are going to be disappointed when all these extra hits don't materialise into zillions of sales!

MardyBra Mon 17-Feb-14 10:47:40

I've just sent them a quick message via their website. I'm not sure if they pay to display or click through.

MardyBra Mon 17-Feb-14 10:51:28

Mind you, with MN's obsession about parking issues, maybe it is their target audience.

lucycoco Mon 17-Feb-14 11:23:39

They would only pay when someone clicks the ad, and I can't imagine very many will - although I spose they might and they might even get some sales!

Imagine, I hadn't even HEARD of penguin bollards before the last few weeks... Simpler times... wink

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