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To object to raw vegan diet?

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Confusedaboutdiet Sun 16-Feb-14 23:09:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Salmotrutta Sun 16-Feb-14 23:11:37

What, totally raw stuff all the time?

Sounds very, erm, grim tbh.

And is she wanting your children to eat like this too?

Sirzy Sun 16-Feb-14 23:13:08

Well other than the fact I don't agree with forcing a diet choice on a child anyway (ie if you eat and cook a certain way in the house that's fine but if a child chooses to try something away from the house - when older moreso- that is their choice) your partner certainly shouldn't expect everyone to fit to her food choices. If she wants to eat thT way tbough that is her choice

Salmotrutta Sun 16-Feb-14 23:14:01

I'm just running through this in my head...

Soya stuff

And then I run out of ideas.

I'd be a crap vegan and especially if everything was always raw (=cold)

mistermakersgloopyglue Sun 16-Feb-14 23:14:26

Christ, apart from anything else that sounds fucking miserable.

But yes, I agree that it will be incredibly difficult to get enough good stuff into your kids with a raw vegan diet, yanbu.

Amy106 Sun 16-Feb-14 23:16:14

Talk to a doctor or nutritionist about your children's diet if you have any concerns. Or better still, why not go together? Then you could make a more informed decision.

sonlypuppyfat Sun 16-Feb-14 23:16:55

I bet its a riot round your house, what do you cut the veg into different shapes just for variety.

mistermakersgloopyglue Sun 16-Feb-14 23:17:18

And yes, of course your dp has the right to eat however she wants but so do you. I would probably start doing a bit of research into why vegan diets are not recommended for young kids.

Confusedaboutdiet Sun 16-Feb-14 23:17:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Salmotrutta Sun 16-Feb-14 23:18:00

I forgot cereals grin

But they'd have to be raw confused

HellomynameisIcklePickle Sun 16-Feb-14 23:18:31

Yabu to complain about her diet affecting you all eating the same meals

yanbu if she wants to make your kids eat raw vegan! Poor mites

CoffeeTea103 Sun 16-Feb-14 23:18:57

Sorry but that sounds miserable for the poor kids. It's selfish for your dp to push that lifestyle on you all.

Salmotrutta Sun 16-Feb-14 23:19:07


It's sounds crap, dull and possibly not very good for young children?

pigletmania Sun 16-Feb-14 23:19:11

Yanbu I would see the GP beforehand, it's one thing to go yoursef, but when I involves cutting major food groups out of kids diet, you need medical opinion

sonlypuppyfat Sun 16-Feb-14 23:19:11

Can you eat raw cereals?

mistermakersgloopyglue Sun 16-Feb-14 23:19:39

I don't understand the thinking behind veganism - it's not how we as humans have evolved to eat, especially in Europe.

Fairylea Sun 16-Feb-14 23:20:12

I don't think you can stop your dp adopting the diet they wish (and I say that as an ex vegan) but I think you have every right to eat whatever you like in the same way and to feed your dc whatever you choose. So it may be that dp feeds them raw vegan and you top up with ice cream or whatever else. It's not fair otherwise and you should both respect each others choices. Children do need a higher balance of proteins and fats and this can be difficult to accommodate properly in a raw vegan diet so I do understand your concerns.

Confusedaboutdiet Sun 16-Feb-14 23:20:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pigletmania Sun 16-Feb-14 23:20:56

Grow a pair be assertive, they are as much your children as tey are your partners. If she wants to go on ths restrictive diet, it's up to her, but to drag you all into it is not on!

Fraxinus Sun 16-Feb-14 23:20:59

Does your partner have other control issues?

Pipbin Sun 16-Feb-14 23:21:42

I'm a 'proper' vegi and don't have DC but I looked into it and I understood that the recommendation was that to bring up children as vegi is OK but vegan is not so good.
That said Japanese kids do OK and their diet is very low in dairy, although it does contain meat, fish and eggs.

While your DTs are under your control then it's OK, but what is going to happen when they start getting invited to parties? Catering for veggies is one thing but raw vegans is another.

You need to have a serious discussion with your DP about this, what are her reasons for adopting this diet?

Cataline Sun 16-Feb-14 23:22:11

I'm a vegan and happily and healthily so but my DH and DS are happily omnivore. They eat a fair proportion of vegan meals as I often cook but I wouldn't enforce my diet choices on them.
A raw vegan diet can work but is fairly extreme even for an adult- I'd be concerned to see small children following such a very restrictive diet.

Salmotrutta Sun 16-Feb-14 23:22:38

Who would she listen to do you think?

Is there a vegan society that can advise on children's diet?

How about trying that?

pigletmania Sun 16-Feb-14 23:22:55

Sounds lie a crap diet, poor kids having to go to a party and not being able to enjoy the food others kids do

revealall Sun 16-Feb-14 23:23:19

Sounds horribly controlling.

Isn't one of the advantages of being born in a first world country is that you can eat well - rather than the diet of a poor third world person.
How can you eat a good vegan raw diet in this country without importing most of it? Persuade her she's not being environmental (and then LTB)

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