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To Not Want This Dog in The House?

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NintendoPowerGlove Sun 16-Feb-14 19:19:17

I'm currently sharing a house with 7 other adults. It's all very nice and enjoyable except once every few weeks, whenever a certain person's parents visit, they bring their bloody dog.

Don't get me wrong, I love dogs...but not so much when our contract specifically says no pets and another person in the house is allergic (and it incessently barks and yaps). It's perfectly possible they have no other place to leave the dog, but the parents also have a younger son who stays home that could look after it. On top of that, our landlords have been in and out fairly frequently because of work that needs doing on the house. If they were to turn up when the dog's here I imagine it wouldn't go down too well.

The most annoying thing about it is that not once has the housemate asked any of us if we mind the dog being in the house. If he had, most of us would have said we did because of allergies and the contract. We aren't particularly close to him, and he has some issues with being paranoid that we all dislike him (untrue) so conversations tend to be very awkward.

Also, whenever the parents visit they do other irritating things like putting bread in the recycling, covering the countertops with all the crisps and fizzy drinks they've bought their precious darling instead of putting them in his cupboard, and completely rearranging the freezer to accomodate mountains of breaded chicken. None of these wind me up quite as much as being subjected to The Dog.

In a few months he'll be moving out to live with allergic housemate's BF, who doesn't want to deal with the dog at random intervals either.

So AIBU, and if not wtf can be done other than to suck it up and wait it out?

OK - so the housemate hasn't asked if it is alright for their parents to bring the dog - but have any of you said anything to them? If you aren't happy, you need to be up-front and say what is bothering you.

paxtecum Sun 16-Feb-14 19:28:10

LLs don't want dogs in rented property because they may chew doors, door frames, carpets, pee on the carpets etc, surely a visiting dog is not a risk in that way.

I do understand the allergic person having a problem though.

Are the crisps and pop on the counters really a problem to you?

Are you a very tidy person?

NintendoPowerGlove Sun 16-Feb-14 19:39:08

I should have included this in the OP, but I spoke to him on a night out about the dog. Turns out he strongly dislikes the dog because his parents bought it as soon as their old one died (new dog is still a puppy too, so some of us are a little perturbed at potential chewing or peeing), and he doesn't like it visiting either. So truth be told I have no idea why he hasn't told them not to bring it, and he has been told about the allergies by the girl's BF who he's very close to.

parakeet Sun 16-Feb-14 20:28:56

YANBU. Just tell him to tell his parents that his housemates don't like dogs and are allergic. Not much they can say to that.

If he doesn't want to tell his parents that he and his housemates don't want the dog in the house, he could tell them that the letting agents have written to emphasise that NO pets are allowed in the house - 'So sorry, mum and dad, but you wouldn't want me to get kicked out, would you?' [sincere face]

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